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ahhh question!!
CAW at 6:55PM, Aug. 26, 2008
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what is the recommended page size for comics?!?!? X___X

CAW Productions
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SeriousQuiche at 7:08PM, Aug. 26, 2008
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Wrong Forum. go to Tips and Tricks.
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ozoneocean at 7:35PM, Aug. 26, 2008
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Just bellow 1024 wide is good because that's the most common minimum screen res now: people dislike horizontal scrolling but don't mind vertical scrolling so make it has high as you like. And the file size shouldn't be more that 250K. Any more than that just isn't fair on the viewer.
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Aghammer at 8:06AM, Aug. 27, 2008
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I start with a 9x12 inch page of Bristol for a comic page… finish it, scan it and then resize it for the web. Normally I resize the page to 1000 high and that works for my font size, etc. Ozone has an excellent point… I would add to that, make it big enough to be clear (especially the text) but not much bigger than that… scrolling sucks if you don't have to do it :)
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lba at 9:01PM, Aug. 27, 2008
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600 to 700 pixels wide is generally what most people tend to recommend. That size works well in that it helps hide any small errors in inking or artwork you might have made, but doesn't hinder the comic's text readability and image quality too much. However, if you're confident in your art, I wouldn't hesitate to go a bit bigger.
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skoolmunkee at 4:28AM, Aug. 28, 2008
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1000 high seems a bit much. Granted most monitors nowadays are at 12whatever by 10whatever, but you don't get the entire 1000 tall in your viewing area. (well, most people don't). Most of the time space is taken up by toolbars, menu bars, framing, tabs, etc. You don't want to have your page so large that people need to do a lot of scrolling to read it, whether horizontal or vertical. I think some vertical scrolling is going to be inevitable, but should be limited to a tiny amount. Reading the archives of a comic is horrible when you have to keep scrolling down to read it. A page is meant to be taken as a whole.

I'd reccommend something closer to 800 tall. There is usually not enough going on in a page to require it being much larger than that. If the page is very detailed, okay, it would be nice to have it bigger so you can show off a bit. But most people don't put that kind of detail in their pages. The main reason I see people making their page sizes really big is because they want a lot of room for readable text. These comics are invariably much too wordy.

It's also very annoying when people load an enormous title image above the comic page… so you first have to scroll past the title image before you can even get to the page. On every page you want to read. (Not really relevant here, but something I see a lot of on Drunk Duck)
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mattchee at 9:27AM, Aug. 28, 2008
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I have standard american comics proportion pages. For webcomics display I do 650x975. I tend to not want to go over that because people with smaller displays, I'd like it if they could at least see a good chunk at a time… and definitely no side scrolling necessary with that res– It also depends on your page layout… if you got crap on the sides of you comic (ads or whatever) that's going to take away from your width (keeping in mind the desire to avoid side scrolling).

While a very overwhelming majority of my readers have a 1024x768 or above screen resolution, a good chunk still rock the 800x600, and I'd hate to alienate that portion of readers…
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Tashna at 9:40AM, Aug. 28, 2008
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Hmm, in Wolf's Crusade, I use 25% of a 300DPI A4 sheet, which is 620x877 pixels. I wouldn't recommend going over 800 pixels in width, especially not if your sheets don't have borders.

It's lovely to see youfall off the stairs, breaking your skull in two.
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Sapphaholic at 11:38PM, Aug. 31, 2008
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I always go 500 pixels wide, although my comic doesn't have dialogue. I would say 750 max, though. Anything wider and it tends to get TOO wide.

Keep in mind some people may have 1600 pixel width on their monitors, but not everything has their browser windows maximized–especially if they have other programs running. Also, folks with laptops will have smaller resolutions.
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