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sasu at 11:18PM, March 14, 2008
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Hello all.

My friend's been on here for quite some time, and while we were discussing ideas for our stories, she mentioned this site, so I decided to hop on and give it a go.

A bit of introduction. I'm from Alaska. Yes it's cold, but warming up. No, we don't live in igloos, ride dogsleds to school (though that'd be pretty epic), or feed penguins to our pet polar bears (that's not to say that we have either. We don't have penguins at all. And you try to tame a full-grown polar bear. Scary.)

Anyway, I'm not really an artist, but I have some ideas for a story, and am hoping to find an artist that'll work with me on it.

I s'pose that's all that's really relevant on me.


I like anime.

And all types of music.

Except Rap.


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Orange at 12:11AM, March 15, 2008
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Hello there!

*does big hand wave*
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Dark Clown at 5:14AM, March 15, 2008
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Welcome young idea haver. you will indees find a fellow Nut to aid you in your quest. or at the varry least get Drunk with.

So again We Bid thee Welcome, and Would You Like A Cold Hot Cola?

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Renga Studio at 8:09AM, March 15, 2008
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Hello, sasu! Renga Studio here! Welcome to DrunkDuck! I like anime too! :) So, you're from Alaska, eh? Cool (or should I say, “cold”)! I'm definitely not from that state, but I've never believed all those stereotypes and preconceptions about its culture myself. The dog sledding part does sound like fun, though. Coincidentally, there's a character in my webcomic who happens to be a blue bear, which I hear comes from Alaska.

Anyway, take care of yourself and have fun! If you need any help in finding an artist to work with you, I'm sure good ol' Steely Gaze will appear and offer you some friendly and helpful advice. And if you ever wanna feel more at home on this site, just gimme a PQ and I'll make it snow a little.
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Bradleyo at 8:33AM, March 15, 2008
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Welcome to the duck. Lot of cool comics and people here, I'm sure you'll get to know lots artists.

Be cool and feed those polar bears.
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Steely Gaze at 3:54PM, March 15, 2008
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Welcome! I know a few things about Alaska, though I don't come from that great state. My mother once served up there with the air force; she called it one of the most interesting times of her life.

Also, I don't know what Renga is trying to do, but I have no artistic skills whatsoever. I even need to use an artist to draw my comic! But if you really want to try finding someone to help you, check out the networking thread. You'll find the artists and writers on demand section there. And if that doesn't help, you can trying making a thread there asking for help.

Good luck here on DD! :)
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Custard Trout at 9:17PM, March 15, 2008
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You could get a baby polar bear and train that. Just make sure the mother isn't nearby and you get not even get mauled.
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sasu at 1:45AM, March 17, 2008
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Thanks for all the greets. I'm still working out the kinks in my synopsis right now. I've got a bit of a problem with constantly making it sound cliche, but I've had some good ideas while talking with Huntress.


Again, thanks for the welcomes, and the advice.
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SnakeByte at 5:35AM, March 17, 2008
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Hello, Snakebyte here to welcome you to DD.
I too am a writer with dreams of grandeur, but I lack an artist that draws the style I like.

I hope your search goes well, and hope you enjoy DD.
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amanda at 3:05PM, March 17, 2008
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Hi! People tell me that I should move to Alaska since I *like* the cold - but you've dashed my dreams by telling me it's getting warmer. This is probably all one of those “grass is greener” things, in any case.

Hope you have a lovely time here - yay for stories! We need more great stories her on the Duck. (There are plenty currently, but…MORE MORE MORE! Help feed my addiction!)
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trevoramueller at 8:57AM, March 19, 2008
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Welcome to the Duck…I'm still recovering from St Patty's day. We like our drink over here. :P
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