Meet, Greet, Show and Sell

Allow me to cast an intricate web of lies as a means to make me appear interesting!
12thCenturyFox at 11:02PM, July 3, 2010
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Hello there! As far as you lot know, I'm socially capable, academically superior, multi-talented and overall a like-able character with amazing exotic facial features! Oh, and I totally rule at making Myspace headshots!

…. wait, this isn't no dating site for desperadoes!
Oh gawd, I must've made a wrong turn! D:

Uhm, well.. since that I'm heeerrreee.. o hai ^_^
First, a briefing. Ignore these, there won't be a test:
- I technically reside on that huge chunk of land in the southern hemisphere. I think it's called Australia. There are many bogans living on it and they is scary..
- Webcomics, the internet and comedians keep me safe from said bogans.
- I am half asian and half Wapanese.
- I spend most of my time either writing or drawing. Don't know how that's relevant to webcomics but hey, what a nice piece of trivia! :3

Ah, and I'm very much digging this site. Hence the decision to join it! Hoorah! :D

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Genejoke at 11:28PM, July 3, 2010
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hello, so are you really old and formerly sexy as your user name suggests? I say formerly as 900 years of wrinkles… GUH!
Well as this isn't a dating site I suppose it doesn't matter.

The comic, so good so far I really liked the one about mistakes.
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12thCenturyFox at 1:47AM, July 5, 2010
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Actually the humans say I look younger than what my age suggests. Which is quite troubling… let's just say that the fountain of youth is great for the occasional gargling, but never treat it as a jacuzzi.. unless if you're a fan of self-inflicted backfires O_O

And thank you muchly for checking out my comic! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the mistake one! ^_^
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