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An awesome UFO documentary
kyupol at 10:26PM, March 24, 2008
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we are not alone. :)
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Eunice P at 6:56AM, March 25, 2008
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Hmm… too much commentary, not much facts. I believe there could be possible life forms out there but I also believe in possible hoaxes as well.
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kyupol at 7:50AM, March 25, 2008
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Of course there are hoaxes. That is why its important to use your personal judgement and filter out those you think are hoaxes.

Think about it. If you are the secret government who wants to keep this under wraps, you would flood this whole area with disinfo. And go to the extent of paying agents to go on the internet and spit out disinfo and cause division among these so-called UFO researchers and conspiracy researchers.

I've noticed in conspiracy forums that there are sometimes threads that say:

“_________ exposed.” Where in the blank its the name of some conspiracy researcher and the whole post or website is nothing but a tirade of personal attacks on the target.

That is what is puzzling about humans. Too many divisions. Too many factions. It is stupid.

What do these aliens think of us as a whole?

For sure they think we're a primitive race.

Based on my own research I've came to a conclusion that these aliens have their own agendas that sometimes conflict with each other.

The “benevolent” ones see us as the same way as a parent sees their children. They want us to be good and be spiritually evolved because they feed off the frequency of positive energy.

The “malevolent” ones see us as a source of food (the same way as meat) or as a source of negative energy which they feed on. That is why they want us to start killing and raping and hating each other.

And there are also others who observe us the same way as scientists observe lab rats. Neither good or bad. Just studying us since we fascinate them for some reason.

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Mutation at 11:42AM, March 25, 2008
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Well, I'm actually a really sceptical of some ideas of alien life.
I mean, the fact we're here on earth proves that there can at most be some species who can think like us elsewhere.
However, from what I can figure, the most likely extra terrestrial life is probably still in the mossy plant area. Considering that most of the earth's life lives off oxygen, and that had to be made by old mossy plants for millions of years.

So, if there is intelligant life elsewhere, it must be really spread out through the systems, see?

Maybe not within the same galaxy.

So, I doubt alien life is visiting. I really do. But under the occasion we found other life that was primitive compared to us, what do you think we'd do? Study them, then eventually we would probably be self rightous (sp?) and swoop down and make them our friends. Figure out bits of their speech and converse, help them out, and therefore recruit them under our government.

Which would be typical of the U.S. if you ask me.

It's not like alien life would harm us or help us because their good or evil. They would do it to look nice.

Oh yeah, he's another thing to think about: Suppose we found this gross icky life, and then found sexy space lesbians? Which do you think we'd put more effort into helping?

If an alien found us, they would probably gauge weither we were icky or super sexy space lesbians.

KALA-Dan! Reverse Trap!
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spiritmonkey at 10:22AM, March 27, 2008
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But if we were the space lesbians what would they do to us?
Timmy And the Bleach

There are many things in this world that are uncertain
I'd say I'm one of them
But I'm not sure
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