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Ancient Punishment Tool
Eunice P at 9:32PM, Oct. 19, 2007
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The following may contain disturbing images and descriptions of how ancient tools were used for punishing women.

Burn on the stake. I'm sure everybody knows this form of punishment for those who were considered practicing sorcery. But did you know that paladins who gave out secrets were also punished under this law? In France, 36 paladins were executed by stake burning.

A convict is placed in a sack filled with mice and cats. Throw in a lighted firecracker to make the animals in the sack panicked. The cats and mice will scratch and wound her whole body. After that, salt water will then be poured onto the wounds.

What's your first impression when you look at this? ;) This is the famous Nuremberg's Iron Maiden. It is an iron cabinet with sharp devices pointed inwards (such as knives, spikes, or nails). A convict is placed inside and once the door is closed, the person will experience hell.

I'm not sure what this is called. It's a wooden platform built to punish witches. Two metal weights are tied to the feet and the convict will slowly slide down to the metal pyramid shaped spike and… you get the picture.

Needle through the head. Nobody knows why this was invented. It was recently considered as “not exactly a punishment tool” by the researchers because many people had survived from this form of punishment.

Cut the stomach then pull to make the wound tear open to cause injury on the internal organs. After opening the stomach, pull out 6 to 8 feet of intestines and tie it on the rotating wheels. In Japan, the punishment of cutting stomach is executed by oneself to prove loyalty and honor.

Itch to death. What an ingenious form of punishment.

Hunger punishment: The convict is forced to wear a locked metal mask and a metal tongue is slided into the mouth forcing her to have difficulty breathing. Even with food lying on the floor, she will eventually die of hunger.

Cutting the throat was one of the Ancient Roman's form of punishment. The purpose was not to decapitate the head but to cut the throat open and suffocating the convicts. The convicts will bleed to death after losing blood from the brain. However, the Romans did not use this as a common form of punishment.

Practiced in the 19th century.

Severing body parts: a common form of punishment practiced in ancient Asia. Starting with finger joints, toes, ears, nose, private parts… then slowly to hands arms, feet, legs, etc.

Popular during Nero Claudius Caesar's era. The convicts were placed in an arena of lions, leopards and other wild carnivores. Feeding convicts to the animals is possibly one of the more common practice in ancient civilization. In 7 B.C, an Assyrian king was said to have thrown the convicts into a cage of hungry fierce dogs. In Egypt, they preferred crocs.

Hammering the convict's stomach to cause damage on the uterus. Practiced since Qin Dynasty.

Other ancient form of punishments for men and women:

Peeling the skin: The ancient Greeks practiced this form of punishment and it was said that the peeler must be skilled enough to peel off the skin perfectly.

Saw and then pull it out.

Horses are used to tear the limbs apart. Commonly practiced during the 17th century in Europe.

The convicts were tied to the wheel. Notice carefully what's under the wheel. Yes, it's fire and spikes.

I'm not sure how this is used. Anyone care to explain this to me?
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 9:41PM, Oct. 19, 2007
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some of them don't appear.

you don't want to know where they put that.

But as the glorious ray of sunshine I am, I'll tell you anyway!

they would strap you to a table, take all your clothes off, piss off the spider and let it crawl around your nether regions 'till it bites… and when it does… it bites continuously.
I have a gun. It's really powerful. Especially against living things.
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Priest_Revan at 11:36AM, Oct. 20, 2007
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I can't see most of them… but the ones I do see look awesome.
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