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annoyingly catchy songs that get STUCK in your head?
Faliat at 5:10PM, Oct. 16, 2010
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GJ: I gotta go back for another one next month. Have to ask about bringing in my sister's Lady Gaga album to put on instead. She'd be glad to see it gone and I want to hate music that deserves it.

OO: Eurovision is a massive event in my household so I've got a shittonne of earworms both good and bad from over the years. I know I've mentioned it and probably posted some of these before,but just fucking LISTEN!!! - Also allegedly the French anthem for the world cup. - My parents love this one. - If you've ever watched Father Ted, this is the real life “My Lovely Horse”. - GREEK RICKY MARTIN!!! - Sound familiar GTA4 players? - This is damn funny because the male lead ain't singing in the chorus! - Should be a Pastafarian hymn. - Irony incarnate.

And some of these are all STILL better than the last two winning songs!

I need to put some others on to counterbalance the eurovision overload… THAT ARE ALSO EUROPEAN!

No wonder I can't get any work done… or sleep… or remember messages I just got given…

Now you guys won't either.

You're all welcome!

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elektro at 5:24PM, Oct. 18, 2010
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Someone on another forum posted this, and while I don't really hate the song that much, I will never view a Christopher Nolan movie without having this damn song in my head.
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I Am The 1337 Master at 5:15PM, Oct. 22, 2010
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The rain song… That's funny, bad but funny.
Would that be MY rain song?

Re: The Rain Song

Yes, there are “certain elements” but I'm “singing that song” - and appreciate those many opportunities to just blast when singing along. Which I do. Not nearly as well as the performer. And dance. It's havoc.

Incidentally, writer and performer is one of our fellow DDers. Uh Huh!
Yes…yes it would.

…that's fucking hilarious!

Did you guys find that via my profile on here or my links in the thread or just randomly on the internet.

And yes. I wrote AND performed it AND put it on You Tube.

But a song that annoyingly gets stuck in my head is Metal Health.
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therealtj at 9:22AM, Oct. 23, 2010
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I apologize in advance.

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Genejoke at 3:32PM, Oct. 23, 2010
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I guess you did warn us.
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Kahlan_Brightblade at 10:42AM, Dec. 13, 2010
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I just can't get this out of my head for some reason.Although its not nearly as catchy as the German version
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itsjustaar at 3:14PM, Dec. 13, 2010
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Vicious Rumors' cover of Rolling Stones' ‘Paint it Black’. _< ImI
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sama at 6:06AM, Jan. 10, 2011
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99 Red Balloons by Nene. Old video though.

Live life as the new Death
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itsjustaar at 2:10AM, April 14, 2011
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/deleted his thread made a short while back.

I can't believe this thread's from January and it's still on page 1. D: So nostalgic.

But yeah, I've got that Mr. Toad song stuck in my head now. 1983's Wind in the Willows is cool beans.
“Keeping Up with Thursday” - Updated Every 3 Days!
“ZombieToons Must Die” - hiatus. D:
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ayesinback at 7:19AM, April 17, 2011
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I suggest that the epitome of “catchy song” is when you wake up singing it. This morning it was Santigold Lights Out

new question to pester myself with: are there soundtracks that play while I sleep and I just don't remember them?
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