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Another writer, seeking, you guessed it, an artist
pastadiablo at 5:04PM, June 5, 2007
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I know that it's quite a cliche on these forums, but I am a writer seeking an artist. I have a story that I have been sitting on with a good portion of the pages already scripted, but I have little to no artistic talent. The best I can do are basic sketches of distant landscapes. But that's neither here nor there.

This is a story that, unlike many stories on the internet, has a definite ending. I'm thinking that this could make a very nice summer project for me and a talented artist.

The style that I'm looking for can be anywhere from manga to realistic to sketchy, but the comic will have more of a serious slant to it than a humorous one, but that doesn't mean that the reader won't smile or laugh every once in a while.

Color is extremely optional. This story could be told very well in black and white, and who knows? It might even turn out better!

Some main things that anyone thinking about hopping on this project with me should be able to do: Draw snow and snowcovered landscapes (the story takes place in winter), Draw gnomes, humans and half-elfes. Drawing buildings (few and far between, but integral to story) and (limited if necessary) action sequences. The action sequences, while important, are not necessary for the story, seeing as this story is more of an exploration of the mind and memory.

The story is called Blank. It is about amnesia-riddled adventurers attempting to discover their own pasts in a war-torn kingdom spinning out of control. (Yes, you guessed it, it's based in the Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons universe) If you want to know more about the story then you can contact me about it.

So, a summation: Writer looking for artist with the ability to draw serious-looking or semi-serious-looking situations in pretty much any art style(thats not cartoony) who can draw a fantasy setting competently (or semi-competently) to join for a joint summer project that shouldn't last longer than a few months. The story, I say again, DOES have a definite end, and it won't drag on forever.

Anyone who is interested in working with me on this for the next few months can post here, PQ me, or even e-mail me at

For those of you who are curious but unsure if I have already been contacted (I know this happens alot), I will post to let everyone who reads this know that the search is over and Blank has been picked up and started. So, if it's been two months since I posted this and your not sure if I'm still looking or not, I probably am, so don't hesitate to contact me! :)
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angry_black_guy at 5:48PM, June 6, 2007
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As a fan of Dungeons and Dragons (as well as surreal, mysterious stories), I'd like to give you my proposal.

I'm an artist and a writer; I work for free. I'm in the Navy and currently deployed, but I usually make enough time to update my own webcomics once or twice a week so I can definitely devote that much time to yours. My current projects for reference to my style are:

Early Game Monster is my current project. It's a dramatic comedy (Dramedy if you will) that pokes fun at generic fantasy stories while still being relatively serious. Here you'll see my coloring style; I'm a big fan of the airbrush and oil paint style art. I like dull, unsaturated colors and I'm not a fan of flashy lighting or filter effects.

Children At Play is currently being serialized off-web and I'll probably stop updating it and take it of DD. It's very crude, but I personally believe it contains some of my best writing. It's only 5 pages right now, but on paper it's already completed… I just have to ink it.

The Sunday Brunch Spectacular is a sort of “trash bin” for any ideas I have in mind but don't want to devote to an actual comic. It's filled with a lot of experimental garbage.

My drawing style is mainly cartoony but I don't mind switching to realistic. Judging from your brief description, I've already gotten a vague idea of the art style I plan on using.

If you wish to contact me, please do not use PQ as I'm rarely on the internet. I can be easily and quickly contacted through my email

I'll send you completed images through email and I expect scripts through the same email. If for whatever reason that email address won't work (which I doubt) then go ahead and PQ me just as a precaution.

Also, I'm currently in Arabian Gulf so my time zone is likely 12 hours behind yours (at this moment, it's 4:44am in the morning my time) so just be warned about that.

As I said earlier, I work for free. All I ask for in return is a mention in the credits (of course) and maybe, every once in a while, a shout out to one of my own comics (and I'll put your comic in my author's notes as well). If this is completed, I'll probably have to persuade you to let me self-publish and distribute it or submit it to a publisher :D

Well, we can work out publishing details later; the comic hasn't even started yet…

Finally, if you do decide to pick me up as an artist, don't hesitate to email me everything you got. The more information and script you have, the better idea for the story I can get. Any character information, setting information, length of the story, etc. is greatly appreciated.

Hope we can start something together. I'm looking forward to expanding my horizons and working on other things helps me look at my own projects in a different light. Email me back whenever you get the change, please.

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pastadiablo at 2:06PM, June 8, 2007
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Hey, thanks so much for the detailed response! You certainly are a talented artist, your stuff looks great.

However, I haven't logged on until just now in the last week, and I had yet to post up that I had found someone to work as an artist on this project out here in the real world! Rare, I know, but it turns out one of my close friends is a closet fantasy artist. Go figure!

Anyway, I'm really sory to say that we have already started working on “Blank” and the position has been filled. :\
I was definitely working on a first come first serve basis, however, and I made sure that this person had discussed this with me at a time before you posted, just to make sure that you hadn't gotten to saying something first and were not being contacted just because I didn't have a chance to log on. I am a fair person, and if you had then I would have told the other person it was a no-go.

So I can't work on “Blank” with you, but I have another few writery ideas that I've got flying around my head, and if you'd like we could work on one of those? If your interested then let me know and I can tell you a few of the ideas.
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