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Any moments in movies that really made you cry?
Koshou at 4:13PM, July 17, 2009
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I Am Legend. The scene where Will Smith has to kill his dog ;;

Up. Twice. Once at the beginning and then again when Carl is looking at Elly's Adventure Book.

Honey and Clover. The scene where Morita lights his sculpture on fire in front of Hagumi. Of course I am probably the only person in the world who loves that movie enough to cry about it, but it was SO GOOD.
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zaymac at 3:34AM, July 18, 2009
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Up. Twice. Once at the beginning and then again when Carl is looking at Elly's Adventure Book.

Yeah those are the points where that one got me too.

I usually start tearing up because something in the movie makes me think of something personal.

I actually get a little misty at the end of RUDY when he finally gets put in the game and it shows all of his family who were so unsupportive of his dream finally cheering realizing what he's accomplished.

I also hate The Notebook. My wife was watching it one night and I wasn't really paying much attention and by the end we were both bawling. And I really hated myself for it.

I might have cried a Benjamin Button, but once he turned into a child I lost all of the emotional connection that I had with the character.

It's a Grizzly Bear battling Zombies. Do you need to know more?
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NickGuy at 4:45AM, July 18, 2009
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life is beautiful: we won!

i forgot about life is beautiful….FUCK.

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Ochitsukanai at 4:58PM, July 18, 2009
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For some reason, the scene at the beginning of The Land Before Time where Littlefoot's mother dies and he can't reach her. I used to run away during that part when I was little…

In high school American Sign Language classes, we had to watch a version with a woman in a blank circle off to the side signing all the dialogue, and I was like “Pff, I'm like 17 years old, no way I'm gonna - oh god I gotta flee the room” -_-;

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Sea_Cow at 6:14AM, July 19, 2009
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I rewatched Con Air. I cried when Dave Chapelle got killed off and I cried when I remembered how great Nicolas Cage was back then.
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istaerlus at 1:15PM, July 19, 2009
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I cry at almost every movie, I'm such a baby. Some of the movies I've cried for the most were Wallie when he was acting reprogrammed and personality-less at the end. 2001 when Hal was being shut down and was singing Daisey, and AI, the entire movie. I clearly have a soft spot for robots.
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machinehead at 2:44PM, July 20, 2009
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My wife made me go to that stupid Marley and Me movie. I thought I had no soul but I did tear up a little bit.
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BlackCatZee at 1:36PM, July 23, 2009
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Almost every movie that Will Smith has been in.

Independence Day: I always choke up during the presidents speech.
Pursuit of Happyness: WHEN HE GETS THE FREAKIN JOB Baaawwww and three other scenes.
Seven Pounds: Do I even have to explain it?
I am Legend: The flashback, his dog, and the ending.
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skoolmunkee at 2:38PM, July 23, 2009
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I have a hard time keeping it together at the end of Mulan when everybody bows to her. :] I'm all, hell yeah
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Hunchdebunch at 11:01AM, July 29, 2009
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Oh I'm such a crybaby with films lol I cry at everything, I swear. It's worse in the cinema for some reason. I cry at happy bits aswell as sad bits. I couldn't stop crying after I watched Bridge to Terrabithia. I cry in Dinosaur when all the baby lemur is calling to the other lemurs which are dead. I cry in Racing Stripes when Stripes gets abandoned. I cry in The Lion King when Mufasa dies. I cry at everything lol I'm really over emotional when it comes to films.
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Pyren at 9:36PM, July 31, 2009
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I watched a movie named “Fluke”. It's a story about reincarnating to animals after you die and stuff and finally realizing what you were taking for granted in your before life through the eyes of animals of course. That movie made me cry A LOT. Even my siblings, uncles and aunts hahaha. Good times.
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tezzle at 10:53AM, Aug. 1, 2009
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As a kid fiction never made me cry. It's made up. It was sad, but I was proud to say I never shed a tear over people who didn't really exist…

…But last year I watched “The Land Before Time” again. I can't even think about the scene when Little Foot's mom dies without choking up.
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Walrus at 6:47PM, Aug. 2, 2009
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It takes a lot to take me cry. The last time I cried was a year ago at my grandpa's funeral, because we were really close. But before that, I can't really remember.
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TheGabeCaron at 11:34PM, Aug. 10, 2009
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PS, I love you. The letters from the dead husband are just…
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Saint at 2:06AM, Aug. 13, 2009
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When Bruce get's his god-powers.

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Hakoshen at 2:27PM, Aug. 25, 2009
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I've got a few so get ready; I rate my crying response as misty eyed enough to actually become tears when I blink, and tears actually falling on their own.

Click: The same points as mentioned above.
Saving Private Ryan: “Earn it.”
The Lion King: “Dad?”
The Green Mile: “If we'd met somewhere else, do you think we could've been friends?”
Forrest Gump: A few times, though I don't remember when.
The Pursuit of Happiness: Didn't cry during the movie, but it was the last movie I ever watched with a certain ladyfriend of mine, and now I can't watch it again.
Star Wars Episode III: Only because I'm such a Star-wars nerd and I read all the books and everything else, when Obi-wan yells “YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!”
The Shawshank Redemption: “Brooks was here.”
The Last Samurai: “They're all perfect,”
Groundhog Day: The old man who kept dying.
All Dogs Go to Heaven: “Goodbyes aren't forever.”

Other stuff kinda related:
Wolf's Rain: When Toboe dies.
Cowboy Bebop: Ed, “Bye-bye”
Macross Frontier: When Michel dies.
Grave of the fireflies: I didn't cry, but man did it make me angry. (My roomate actually ordered some of those candies.)
Gears of War 2: When Dom finds Maria.
B.E.T. : Everything on this network makes me cry out of shame.
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Drasnus at 2:22PM, Aug. 27, 2009
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*Ahem* The death of the kid in Pet Sematary.

I found the BIG NOOOOOOOO really narmy.
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ShinuZero at 3:37AM, Aug. 29, 2009
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i dont remember the last time i cried…i think back in 01 when my grandmother died.

as far as movies go, i got teary during speed racer qute a few times. like the scene when susan sarandon is talking to speed on the bed…when sparky says “im looking forward to that cold milk” and speed whispers “me too”…when the montage of scenes are going on in the last race and we hear speeds mom say “when i see the things you do it takes my breath away” and then he crests the hill..

Ha, you took mine! That scene and the build up to it was amazing. I love Speed Racer.
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stinger9 at 3:07AM, Sept. 2, 2009
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Watership Down, hands down. I can't even hear the intro to “Bright Eyes” without blubbering like a baby. In fact, I'm struggling to type this right this very moment since I had the brilliant idea of looking up the clip to see if I can manage to watch it after all these years. The answer. No!
Why is it always children's films that manage to create the most powerful emotions?
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Survival Artist at 4:10AM, Sept. 2, 2009
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The Pauly Shore vehicle “In the Army Now”…

an unacknowledged masterpiece, a subtle exploration of who we are and why, and a soul touching journey for all human beings.
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magnetic at 8:26PM, Sept. 7, 2009
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Man, I'm such a crybaby so I won't make a list of all the movies that made me shed tears. Lol. But the most recent was Pixar's “Up”. That movie is beautiful.
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confusedsoul at 2:00AM, Sept. 11, 2009
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I cry at pretty much everything. Some kind of switch went off in my head a few years ago and now I bawl at most things.

From kids films, The Lion King, Dumbo, and I'm pretty certain I cried during the first Pokemon movie(Yeah, thats a low point).

I did get teary eyed at the very end of Monsters Inc and two points in Finding Nemo (the barracuda and when Marlin sees Nemo “belly up” ) and I'm sure some other Pixar films too mainly because they're just so good. Also, the Muppets Christmas carol, the whole future sequence.

I'm glad somebody else mentioned Plague Dogs, I spent the whole movie hoping something was going to go right.

Films I've properly bawled at are Philidelphia, mainly the final court room scene and the hospital bit before that. And I cannot stop crying every time I see the Hiroshima sequence from Barefoot Gen. I haven't even seen the rest of the film, just that bit every time has me crying.
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thing in a tophat at 12:15PM, Sept. 23, 2009
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Has to be Sex in the City the Movie for me…well…not so much the movie, more getting outside, falling to my knees and crying with joy that I had survived the worst 3 hours of my life and nothing could ever be as bad as that ever again…then realized I hadn't peed in the 3 hours I'd been drinking way too much coke to try and slip into a sugar induced coma to make time go quicker and had to run to the loo…good times…
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thing in a tophat at 12:16PM, Sept. 23, 2009
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ah I guess I should give a serious answer too. Green Mile, I've seen that movie like 3 times and still when the guy asks not to have the hood on at the end it cuts me up, damn good movie and the only movie to make me cry…how ever much of a manly man I try to act if others are there…<_< totally something in my eye…
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