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Anyone tried more than one type of tablet?
Snevilly at 8:40PM, June 4, 2010
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I've have a Wacom Intuos 8x5. It was used when I bought it five years ago and its still going strong, but the surface is finally starting to get some scratches so I'm doing my shopping research now before it gets too bad, you know?

What I want to know is how many of you have tried more than one type of tablet. I was really happy with my Intuos and it lasted forever, but there is a lot of new stuff out there that seems to neat. At the same time, I really was happy with my Intuos and don't want to give up anything by changing to something that I didn't know wasn't as awesome….

Anyways, thanks for your time. =D

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ozoneocean at 2:08AM, June 5, 2010
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I have a Wacom Graphire about the size of your Intuous that I use as my portable tablet. It works great. The only issue is that the rubber on the pen got very loose so I've had to permanently strap that down with tape- which made it perish because of the acids in the tape,haha. But the tape holds it all in fine. I'd just take it off, but it needs something there to hold the buttons in.

My home tablet is my 21 inch Cintiq. That's worked fine, apart from the anti-glare coating on the screen which, with the use of the pen, has made a scratching pattern over the screen. That causes the screen to be a little blurry and very unpleasant to drawn on.
I've somewhat fixed the blur by polishing the anti-glare stuff off using a cloth and distilled water. And cured the texture problem by using a tablet screen protector that I bought for 20$ or something from e-bay. Now it's nice to draw on again :)

Before I got the Cintiq I used a 12x12 Wacom Intuous. That was perfect for years, no issues.

If I were you I'd keep your current tablet. They all work pretty much the same, even with the extra buttons- you pretty much don't really notice them anymore after a while. I only use two buttons on my Cintiq: one set to save and one set to undo.
To fix up the scratch problem, just get a small screen protector from E-bay and cut it to size- It's just a piece of rolled up plastic with sticky stuff around the edge- it's perfect to draw on and doesn't scratch. Much cheaper than a new tablet and less bother to install.
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Snevilly at 3:34AM, June 5, 2010
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Cool, I didn't even think about the fact that screen protectors would exist, lol. Until I looked at the Cintiq earlier I hadn't realized they'd gotten so MANY new things since I bought mine. There was even a neat little glove to go over the part of your hand that drags on it, lol. I'll definitely look into the screen protector. There isn't any sensitivity loss yet, its just scratched up. Sweet, that would be an awesome fix.

Thanks so much for taking time to comment.
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Enef at 10:00AM, June 5, 2010
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Having used many many many types of horrible cheap nobrand tablets in my search to find something cheap but usable i can safely say Wacom is the only brand worth even looking at.

Most other Tablets are complete shite. Seriously, don't bother even trying them, it's not worth the time, money or effort. Just stick with Wacom (i use a Bamboo personally).
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IndifferentlyEvil at 5:47PM, July 13, 2010
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I've tried a cheap brand whose name has escaped me, and a Wacom Intuos. Both seemed to do what I wanted, as I am a rank amature, but the Wacom felt nicer and smoother, but I am not sure if it was worth the AU$400 price difference I paid for them.

If price is not an issue, then get a Wacom. they are purdy and work nice.
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Giratinasaur at 12:30PM, Aug. 7, 2010
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I have had three varieties of tablet, two of them Wacom. One of them was a white Wacom four-by-five that I used for around four years; it never broke when I dropped it - and that was quite a lot - and worked great. The only reason I stopped using it was because my laptop was pulled out from under me and returned to my mother (who was the original owner, but never used it) and we discovered that the CD for the various software was missing.

The second was a rather large Medion, and it was terrible. The pen broke after, quite literally, three days of use.

My current tablet is a four-by-five Bamboo Fun, also courtesy of Wacom, and it's working perfectly.

So yeah, Wacom anything.

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Kallisti at 4:53AM, Aug. 21, 2010
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I also had a Medion with not one but ultimately two broken pens… I was able to tape the second one back together and reinforce it, but my opinion of pens that seperate in the middle (aka ones that use batteries, which is practically all non-Wacoms) was considerably damaged by the experience.

If you've got the cash, go for a Wacom. The Bamboo Fun Medium is relatively cheap (compared to some of the high end tablets they offer) and is a solid piece of equipment. Don't let the “fun” in the name fool you - these take a beating and hold up really well.

The only thing I might suggest staying away from is the ones that use bluetooth. I know there were a few Graphire lines that had bluetooth, and I think some of the more advanced Bamboos did too. I have not personally used one of these, but I know a few people who have and were not impressed by the trade-off between the mobility of being cordless vs the pain-in-the-ass of having to sync up the bluetooth connection.
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Ryuthehedgewolf at 6:46PM, Aug. 22, 2010
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Medions are absolute garbage, never ever buy one. My pen broke after maybe a year after I bought it (only started using it about a month before it broke) because the pen and such was really unresponsive. I don't think it was my computer, because my computer now works fine with a Wacom.

I called to try and get a replacement pen, but apparently the only way was for me to get an entirely new tablet. Which would've set me back 100$.

Let's see. Off brand tablet that is unresponsive/lags a lot: 100$

Or a professional, amazing brand tablet, sadly, the smallest size: 100$

I found the Wacom Bamboo (the second tablet that was referenced) was much, much better. I use it now for my comic (for clean-up, redrawing stuff, coloring and the digital stuff), and I only have problems with it occasionally. Which is more than likely my computer.

Personally, I'm sticking to Wacom. I believe I'm going to get an Intuos next, but definitely gotta get Wacom.
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tianator at 11:19PM, Oct. 1, 2010
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Bamboo's are good, small size, small price. They do what you need as long as you're not interested in super pressure sensitivity and tilt action. I liked mine at first :)

I've also used a Genius brand. Works lovely, and it was CHEAP, like 100 bucks for a good size drawing area. The only crap thing about it was it wasn't compatable with adobe products on my mac. Worked GREAT with corel painter though.

I'm now using an Intuos4, after finding out the intuos4 was required for school and my lovely genius didn't work right… I got one. I love it. A bit more expensive but it's a Wacom, they tend to hold their value so resale value is usually pretty high if you ever go to upgrade. And the whole tilt function is pretty bad-as$ I must admit :3

As good as cheaper, no-name ones are… I'd say save the hassle, spend a bit more and just get a Wacom.
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Undefined at 1:12AM, Nov. 22, 2010
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Anybody ever use this:

If so, any complications?
Never used a tablet and wanted to get something cheap to test it out a bit.
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Kanothae at 12:04PM, Nov. 28, 2010
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I had two WACOM tablets and sadly both with serious issues.

My first one - Graphire 4 must've had shitty pressure sensitivity or something like that since drawing lines in Photoshop with it would result in a line of dots instead of a smooth stroke (a friend of mine had the same issue with Intuos 2). The only thing I liked about it was protective plastic covering. It didn't wear off even after 3 years of using it a lot.

After it I switched to the first edition Bamboo which doesn't have issue with strokes, but it has several other. First of all it's real shit quality - after 6 months of using it the whole surface is scratched and feels like sandpaper to draw on and I'm definitely not a heavy-handed person. Second - there are driver issues under Windows 7 - I got critical failure right after I installed the tablet - the computer recovered, but I still can't use tablet options in Windows - it works fine with Photoshop, though. WACOM no longer provides drivers for this one for a reason. Lastly the eraser on Bamboo is not pressure-sensitive hence completely useless.

I had a very annoying problem with both of the tablets and it occurred on two completely different computers - the pen suddenly dumping deadweight lines when drawing. As if pressure sensitivity died for just one stroke and got better again. Only experienced in Photoshop, I can't find the root of the problem. The rest of the internet seems never to have had this problem.

Now I'm thinking of buying either Intous 4 or 12" Cintiq, but I'm having doubts about both.

Intuos doesn't seem to be much of a better tablet than Bamboo if you just use Photoshop and Illustrator. 4th edition is said to scratch almost as easily as Bamboo.

I heard that Cintiqs have horribly slow data transmitting so it actually takes a bit for the line to appear on the screen, they're heavy, hot and are too small to serve as an additional screen (which is too bad, since I can't live without two screens).

I wonder if anyone has any opinions on those two, since I wanted to upgrade by the end of the year:P
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jaex at 6:19PM, Nov. 28, 2010
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Intuos doesn't seem to be much of a better tablet than Bamboo if you just use Photoshop and Illustrator. 4th edition is said to scratch almost as easily as Bamboo.

I'd get the Intuos 4, unless you absolutely want to draw directly on the screen and are willing to sacrifice that extra monitor. Just do what ozoneocean suggested and get a screen protector for it right off the bat if you're worried about surface scratches.

Plus the Intuos4 has all those fancy doo-dads, like the extra nibs stored in the pen stand and that wheely thing. (Can you tell that I only have an Intuos3?)
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Kanothae at 4:33AM, Dec. 6, 2010
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I decided to buy Intuos in the end. It's definitely much better than Bamboo, I love it that I can rotate canvas or change brush size directly from the tablet without running out of function keys. I haven't experienced the deadweight line problem so far. Also, putting a sheet of paper on it apparently prevents from scratching the surface. Seems like a good purchase, I guess.
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