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Goshdarn Zanman at 7:21AM, Nov. 26, 2009
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Howdy ho, I'm Goshdarn Zanman!

I'm 17 and studying Games Development at Lancaster and Morecambe College (that's in the North West of England). I enjoy gaming (only sometimes though), animating, making games, drawing and music.

I've been making comics for my own amusement for years. Earlier this year, I decided to “redo” some of these comics, and some newer ones, for another forum, but grew bored of what I was doing and got kinda busy with college work, so decided to stop.

But now, I've decided to come and join here after reading Happy Face Comics and submit some newer stuff for TEH WORLDZ to see.

I hope I will fit in here my humor isn't exactly to everyone's tastes D:
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Heavy Veapons Guy at 8:11AM, Nov. 26, 2009
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You might.
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Erad at 1:47PM, Nov. 26, 2009
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Welcome to DD

Hope you enjoy it here.

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ERasER at 2:47PM, Nov. 26, 2009
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Welcome, I look forward to seeing your work ^^
BackSeat Gamers
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I Am The 1337 Master at 2:52PM, Nov. 26, 2009
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You should, I think it's gonna be good. I already liked the 1st (and only) page.
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osakilina at 9:23PM, Dec. 1, 2009
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Welcome to DD. Hope you enjoy it here. ;)
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