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Are there any food dishes you've been wanting to try recently?
Jonko at 7:33AM, Sept. 16, 2009
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I would also, one day, like to get the guts to try puffer fish.

I hear there's a restaurant in Southern Japan that serves that dish, and they haven't lost a customer for a long while. I also hear that it's extremely expensive; you need to get a life insurance policy or something before trying it just in case…

Haha, you don't need a life insurance policy! I've had it before, it surprisingly just tasted like any other fish… although it was expensive!! It probably is good if you pay a lot for it since it'll ensure a real chef with a license is making it!

I really wanna try escargot. Whenever I'm at a nice restaurant, I always wanna try it, but feel like I shouldn't waste so much money on something I may not even like… Next nice dinner I might give it a try!
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Lonnehart at 8:27PM, Sept. 16, 2009
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I hear you can try puffer fish in fancy restaraunts in some places in the U.S., but those are dyed during preparation to ensure there's no poison in the food.

Got to try that chocolate volcano. Now I want to try it again… -_-
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