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Are there times when you feel as if your brain was burning out?
Lonnehart at 6:36PM, Nov. 23, 2008
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After watching an episode of “The Universe” (I put up a thread in the media section regarding it) I was trying to figure out how the theories presented could even be science fact, and attempting to wrap my thoughts around the subject gave me a major headache. Anything that also deals with very intense mathematics also gives me a headache. How about the rest of you DDers? :)
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HippieVan at 6:49PM, Nov. 23, 2008
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My brain burns out in math class sometimes…probably because I don't study for math. Especially when I had to learn…I don't know the english word, factorisation? It might be the same. But anyways, my math class is very “here are ten pages of notes and a bunch of homework questions, we'll be having a test on all of it tomorrow.”
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Ryan_Scott at 9:23PM, Nov. 23, 2008
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my brain overloads trying to juggle 7 different meals at once AND tell a waitress where to deliver the 8th before it goes cold
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lothar at 9:58PM, Nov. 23, 2008
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my brain burned out a long time ago , i think i just have ashes in there now … i'm not running off of my brain anymore
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worstcase at 12:21PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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I was reading a book called “Lewis Agonistes”, which is about C.S. Lewis and his arguments against Post-Modernist and so on.,

My brain burned out, spilled out of my ears and fell onto the floor.

Fun times!
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Custard Trout at 12:30PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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Trying to write or draw. I usually end up sitting around staring into space for hours, then suddenly have a mad burst of activity, then decide it's crap and start again.
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bravo1102 at 1:17PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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Whenever I feel that way it's a handful of tylenol and then I just need time to let it stew on my backburner. A few hours later everything is clear or as clear as anything can be for someone with multiple concussion syndrome. :)
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lba at 1:58PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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Sometimes when I've been working too hard in the painting and printing labs at school. An entire floor of oil paints, thinners, oil inks, gesso, spray paint, etc. has that effect on you after a couple hours.

Once in a while I'll be laying in bed and get what I call “the ice cream feeling”. Which is not at all as pleasant as it's name implies. I call it that because it feels like I'm stuck in a room full of a giant ocean of brain freeze, ice cream and it's all rising towards the ceiling crushing me with a huge amount of pressure in my head and I can't move my body except to curl up into the fetal position on reflex. It has more or less the same effect on you as an incredible amount of pain does. Thankfully it hasn't happened to me in a really long time and I can barely remember the last time I had it happen.
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cartoonprofessor at 3:24PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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my brain burned out a long time ago , i think i just have ashes in there now … i'm not running off of my brain anymore
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SeriousQuiche at 3:45PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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Anytime I get really overworked, I get brain fried. I become a non functioning, slightly vegetative human being. It really doesn't matter what subject, just general overwork ; ;
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ozoneocean at 6:10PM, Nov. 24, 2008
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Sometimes my mind slows to a halt and I become quite stupid. Thoughts won't form, I can't dredge up words, concepts, or ideas. It's like being drunk… or a child! o_O

I find that after having played computer games for a while, when I quit my mind is in that slow state. Perhaps it's a consequence of having shifted gears into another way of thinking: not so analytical- instead it's more reactive, task based etc.? That could be it.

My mind will shift into that state without games too, and when that happens I just change my activities… Or play a game if I'm on the computer at the time. I often try to force myself to think analytically when I'm like that, but it's quite difficult, slow, and unrewarding.

It doesn't matter for artwork though, generally. My artwork only requires analytical thinking at certain key stages, for most of it the mind hardly ticks over at all. In fact an active mind works COUNTER to art production for me. I need to distract it sufficiently or I can't work.
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Aurora Borealis at 8:51AM, Nov. 26, 2008
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My brain fails whenever I am in a store, trying to figure out how much money I have left. Apparently trying to remember what did the third or fourth product cost makes me forget how much the previous 2-3 were together, so I have to start from scratch.

Whoever put my brain together, forgot to install proper short term memory.

Also, under stress my brain quite often turns into a brick… although sometimes it shifts into high gear and on those occasions I manage to improvise brilliantly, but that doesn't happen often enough.
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machinehead at 5:01PM, Nov. 26, 2008
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My brain fails every time I type. I just blank out and type jibberish. kj.bvkj yy fjcgnyfcv .ggjh,tyvsdfg35cadw4tdfvv. Damnit! its happening again.
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