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ARG. How the hell do I work this thing?
Radec at 6:18PM, Sept. 3, 2006
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Ah, well, Photoshop has been somewhat… less than helpful, recently.
While it was simple and very pleasant to use multiple layers to do your work in, in Photoshop, the layer system seems fucked beyong all belief.
I can't figure out what the hell is happening, or how to do what I could with GIMP.
Can someone help me out?

Normally I could draw a little on a background bit, then add an alpha channel if I wanted to put somethign on a layer below it, allowing me to use the lower layer as the “background” or “color” or whatever and use the top for linework.
Now, for some reason, I can't figure out what is going on with my layers in Photoshop.
I had to quit two drawings half-way from sheer frustration and anger.
<= dead and buried.
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Aurora Moon at 7:58PM, Sept. 3, 2006
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do you have your layer window opened? you know that mini window with the menu of layers listed as
layer 3
layer 2
layer 1

or something to that effect.
I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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gigatwo at 8:02PM, Sept. 27, 2006
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