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Artist (drawn, sprite, any style, don't care) needed for Rumbles Late Night!
Vakanai at 10:28AM, Feb. 23, 2010
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If anyone remembers my now dead Rumbles Late Night comic, they'll know exactly what kind of insanity this is. For those who never had the pleasure/horror, here's the gist:
Late Night is a webcomic done as a late night talk show along the lines of Leno or Letterman. Except the host (me, Vakanai) is an insane, jaded, insane person (though also often the only sane one in the room…) with a penchant for wearing turtleneck sweaters and tinted glasses (and he has a goatee). The monologues are often complaints with an extra dose of crazy, the interviews are insane, there is occasional violence, time travel, adventures, and the host is generally willing to do anything for spare change or food, including hosting what he knows will be a fiasco. Guests and guest hosts are often figures of fiction, including Dracula (who is strangely Vakanai's cousin), Frankenstein, and others (we had Mark Twain once in the old run). There's also two hot ninja chicks as bodyguards.

I deleted the old run during a kind of depressing time, but now I've decided to bring it back. But I'd like it to look a bit more polish than my simple MS Paint figures from back in the day.

I'd like to update it at least once a week. So if you like insane humor, random acts of violence, time travel, and ninjas, all with no real storyline, please PQ me or post here.
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