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ARTIST available and looking to collab with a writer
Ronin_Q at 6:22AM, April 8, 2010
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Hi! Artist here looking to get into webcomics. Tried to write my own, but its a bit too daunting (and driving me utterly INSANE) and I'd like to get attached to a project that I like. Rather than retype all this, I'm going to first link you to examples of my work…


and here

and then I'm going to copy paste my journal entry on my (latest and only) deviant art account.

To all potential creative writing types who may come along on this page and/or writers I have linked here, I want to work on a webcomic with a writer who gels with my sensibilities. What I mean by that is I know artists are a fickle bunch, and if a story doesn't grab me by the bits and hard, I know better than to start as I probably won't follow through. You can send me notes here or shoot me emails at . A little about my tastes as follows. Please note I do like SOME of the things outside whats stated here, usually due to exceptional writing or interesting spins on a concept.


Silly or quirky slice of life; Quirky slice of life with some romance elements; Dark comedy adventures or dailies; Absurd concepts presented with a straight face; Serious adventures that know when to have a light-hearted moment; Adventures that don't take themselves seriously much at all; Super hero stories with a dash of camp value; Gritty realism that doesn't focus solely on wangst; Near future/cyber punk settings; Psychological thriller/mind screw series's


Octopus Pie; Penny-Arcade; Gastrophobia!; Horribleville; Gunshow Comic; Much the Miller's Son; String Theory; Shortpacked!; Hannah Is Not A Boy's Name; Warbot; Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal; XKCD; The Adventures of Doctor McNinja; Cyanide and Happiness; PVP


High Fantasy/Sword & Sorcery (more of a realism or SciFi guy myself); 100% Two gamers on a couch; 100% Gorn w/no reason for it to happen; 100% Horror


Fanart/fancomic; 100% MOE BLOBS; Mary Sue wank comics
Any pitches you want to throw my way can be sent through here or the email provided. I'm interested in 2 updates per week schedule, and I lean a bit more towards strips over pages (if the writings there though I'll do pages).
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Product Placement at 7:45AM, April 8, 2010
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It probably won't take you long to find someone you'll want to work with around here. I, myself just sent you a PQ with some ideas of mine.
Those were my two cents.
If you have any other questions, please deposit a quarter.
This space for rent.
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Ronin_Q at 8:33AM, April 8, 2010
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Still looking at more concepts but you seem to have some cool ideas here. Will keep in mind.
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same at 10:41AM, April 8, 2010
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Query. Whats a moe blob?
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Ronin_Q at 10:50AM, April 8, 2010
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Do an image search for ‘K-On!’, basically when something is obnoxiously cute as its sole selling point. Please note I'm not against every sort of cute or innocence in a story, but if its rampant in a story and/or has no actual substance beyond being a doe eyed wonder then it can go screw.

*EDIT* Also of note when i say that I don't like ‘100% X’ I'm referring to when that's the sole thing the story is built upon. I like horror elements, but I'm not into doing a horror comic; I can tolerate a cutesy character, but only if that character is not a majority of characters and/or acts believably; etc, etc…
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same at 11:06AM, April 8, 2010
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You mean this? lol! just kidding. Well good luck with your search. Just a quick tip. Dont let a guy called Mettaur persuade you into helping with his comic.

EDIT: Also welcome to the site.
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Kroatz at 2:09PM, April 8, 2010
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We're dead serious about the Mettaur part.
Anyways, if you'd like a gritty, semi sci fi comic I reccomend you check out No Heroes. I am not really interested in a full time artist but I'd like someone with your artstyle to do a short side story, You won't have to work on it too long.

No Heroes is a Sci fi story that will have elements of Superhero comics in it's future. It's like: If the world dies, what do the heroes do?
Since it is on hiatus right now because I don't have a working tablet anymore I'd love to have someone filling in for me as an artist for a while.

There are three fully written out stories that I think you might like, all around ten pages:
- Two scavengers being chased by a ‘Superhero’ through a wrecked city. Mostly meant as a funny story, it has a dark ending though.
- An old man trying to rebuild his home. Mostly absurd, the house is wrecked and he needs a walking stick to even walk.
- A hunter trying to hunt superpowered dear through a big wrecked city. Humorous and slightly absurd.

One of the plusses with working with me is that you can come back at any time and do another story, or even tako on a part of the Gabriël storyline. You will also get to see your stories get finished, instead of them dragging on or not even getting posted.

You might want to check this for further information.
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Mettaur at 4:11PM, April 8, 2010
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Um, thanks, but no thanks. I already got the artist I needed, you don't need more than one artist for a single comic.
Been years since I was here. I've been at rehab since. So uh. Yknow, things got interesting.
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I Am The 1337 Master at 4:44PM, April 8, 2010
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I love black comedy. And psycho thrillers. Anything of mine you wanna see.

I also love Horror but…

I'll send examples if you want me to. Interesting style, by the way.
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Ronin_Q at 5:55PM, April 8, 2010
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Thanks for the interest guys but I got ahold of a good pitch through here and I think I'm set for now. I'm hoping for awesome things and I hope your ideas can come to fruition one way or another.
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