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Artist in search of words!!
Wookie74 at 7:33AM, May 30, 2007
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Ok here goes… I currently work full time as a graphic designer and illustrator and am looking for a project to show off my sequential art skills and to add to my portfolio. I have very little experience but I am confident in my illustrative abilities.

What I am looking for…. As I work full time something short! I'd like something that will fit into 5-10 pages. I was thinking of something a long the lines of Future Shock (2000AD) Twilight zone, Outer Limits, something thats a self contained story. As for genre, I'm a fan of Sin City, 100 Bullets but I also like things like Bone so anything goes.

So if you've got a story gathering dust somewhere send me a message with a rough synopsis/plot and we can take it from there.

One last thing, if I take on a project I will to see it through to the end. I promise!
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