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Artist looking for Writer of a Small Project
yourhumanity at 8:57AM, Jan. 29, 2010
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I have always been interested in being a comic artist, and have drawn my entire life, currently attending Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Lala, you can look at my Xue comic for an idea of a style I draw in.

I change my style of inking due to the nature of a comic. I like Noir. I like realism. I prefer not to do a gag strip, but more graphic novel style.

What You Can Expect:

I work graveyard shift, which means that IMs will probably be out of the question unless you get online during normal business hours, or 6 am central time. This means email,, or DD will be our method of communication unless we have planned get-togethers which I don't mind at all. I hope this isn't a set back.

I have Photoshop CS3 and Sai Painter, thus quality pages will be in order. I am not big on coloring except for cover art. I do best in noir-style and cell shading.

I can dedicate a lot of time to artwork. Meaning up to about three pages a week. That means graphic novel-esque pages that are uncolored.

I am always up for showing any character designs, pages before posting, etc etc. My level of involvement with the actual comic posting is up to you. It's your story.

I work 100% free.

Respect must be mutual. If I draw something you don't like, then tell me. /tilts head/

What I Want:

Something short. Short as in 25 pages max (you can talk me into a bit more, maybe). This is for me to practice. I do not want some ambitious epic.

I like a clear script. If I can't tell what you want then I am going to be looking elsewhere.

I do not want to color, so don't expect colors except maybe on cover pages. Minimal colors are a maybe.

I like experience. Anything from Fanfictions, to Fiction Press, to past comics.

I like CeltX or Microsoft Word for scripts. If you have something better, let me know.

If you don't keep in touch, I will drop you and be very mad about it. I take my artwork seriously, please take writing the same way.

My Works:
Comic: Xue (Its old, I don't update it due to it being an impulse story and the art is a bit outdated, but I still like the noir-esque style).
Character Concepts: Simple Head Concept - Fairy Concept - Giraff Ace Concept - Kairos Villain Concept - Nasira Concept - Serian Concep
Sketches: Two Killers WIP Character Design Pink Dr Horrible Cynic

aim: VanityofDaedalus

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yourhumanity at 12:31PM, Jan. 30, 2010
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I found a writer, so I am closing this thread. Feel free to bug me for future projects however if you would like.
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