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Artist needed for a sci-fi-mystery-comedy web comic.
jakey926 at 8:22AM, March 18, 2007
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Here's the plot details for anyone interested. In a world much like earth, people have coexistaded with magical creatures all their life but with the abuse of magic and using it for criminal gains have caused the creation of a organization who's goal is to stop criminals. each member of the organiztion is gifted with various abilities suc has mind reading, invisibilty, super strength, etc and are given soecial items to amplify their abilities. the story basically revolves around two detectives working for the organization. one of them is zeke, telenite who can move thing with his mind and uses a mask to amplify his abilities and is usually calm and collected as most telenites are. zeke's partner is a humanoid shaped bug named mikey who uses ‘volt charger spikes’ on his back and steel claws to shock run away suspects. unlike zeke mikey is usually hot headed and immature and perverted. basically the two solve various cases through out the series such as murder, theft, terrorism and all of that stuff. anyways i'm looking for an artist who can draw, ink, color and photo shop the comics. just send me a PQ with a link to your art and if your art is good enough for the mood of the story we'll work something out.
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