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Artist Needed For Manga Based Off Life
aitcheson at 12:35PM, Dec. 22, 2008
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I have had this idea for a long time… I wanted to do a Manga series based of Me and my Friends and what happends in our lives. But then make it all action fictional super cool! lol anyway this is just an opening thing to kinda show what it will be like. But it is no way as near as cool as the future ones are going to be! Anyone the characters designs are going to be based off pictures of people so that is also cool. So if your intereasted at all or have Q's send me an email at

Heres the teaser

SCENE: School Yard

Brandon sits at a table in the middle of the outdoor cafeteria watching Vicky walk up.

BRANDON: Hey, I was wondering when you would show up. (Smiles)

VICKY: Shut it! (Laughing)

She slaps him across the head and sits down.

Suddenly they are seen on a camera screen being watched by Michelle. Michelle, Julian, and Katelyn are seen in a dark room with a giant computer panel.

MICHELLE: So she’s the one?

Julian and Katelyn walk over to look at the screen.

JULIAN: Yes she has the gift we need.

KATLEYN: Her? What’s so special about her?

JULIAN: Oh there’s more to her than meets the eye.

Brandon and Vicky are talking on the computer screen when it goes back to the School Yard.

VICKY: So… What’s up?

BRANDON: Nothing much, the usual. I—

He’s cut off when Danni runs up and jumps on him.

DANNI: Brandon!!! I haven’t seen you in so long! (Hugging him)

BRANDON: Gha!! Danni you came over last week… (trying to break away)

DANNI: Yeah but that was awhile ago. (finally letting go)

RYAN: God Danni calm down just a little bit. (walking up)

DANNI: Shut up Ryan!

MIGUEL: Wow Danni calm down. (walking up behind Ryan)

They all 3 sit down across from Brandon and Vicky.

BRANDON: Hey guys! Where are Reggie and Kat? I haven’t seen them all day.

RYAN: Reggie’s probably off playing video games. Kat who knows what trouble she’s getting into.



Monica, Kristin, and Amber come running from the other direction.

BRANDON: Oh look who decided to show up! (with a smirk on his face)

MONICA: Shut the fuck up!

BRANDON: God don’t go getting all defensive on me. (teasing)

VICKY: Hey you two cool it! Can you guys go 30 seconds without getting into it?

BRANDON: No… (smiling)

MONICA: Fine then lets have it!

Brandon looks around making sure no ones watching then he sticks his hand up and a portal opens.

BRANDON: Right this way. (he motions Monica)

VICKY: Oh god. (shakes head)

Monica walks through the portal.

BRANDON: Anyone wanna watch?

KRISTIN: Me! Me! I do!

AMBER: Me too!

DANNI: Come on guys! (motions to Ryan and Miguel.)

They all walk through except for Brandon and Vicky. He turns towards her and smiles.

VICKY: All right. (sighs)

And they both walk threw.

SCENE: A large green room with a giant court.

BRANDON: I thought this would be more than enough room.

MONICA: Good lets go. (smiling)

MIGUEL: No bleachers?

BRANDON: Nope guess you’ll have to stand.

Monica and Brandon run to the opposite sides of the court.




Brandon lunges forward holding out his hands. Suddenly 2 glowing pistols appear. When he’s just about to touch Monica she holds out one open hand and a round block appears. She sends it flying towards Brandon, it hits and he bounces backward.

MONICA: Ha ha!!!

BRANDON: I’m just playing with you!

He jumps into the air above her, twists around and shoots a dark bullet from each of the guns. It hits and explodes on Monica.


She fly’s backward.

KRISTIN: Tag in!

She jumps in front of Monica and holds her hands up in the air. Then she drops them down and bolts of lightning are sent towards Brandon.

DANNI: No you don’t!

Danni jumps in front of Brandon and puts one open hand forward. As she does a black thorny rose grows around her arm up towards her open palm and shuts seeds like a gun. Each bolt is hit by a seed and explodes.

BRANDON: Danni? What are you doing?

DANNI: You need my help.

BRANDON: No I Don’t—

DANNI: Yes you do!!!!

BRANDON: Ah! Okay…

Brandon and Monica walk off the field. So Kristin and Danni can fight. Danni holds out one hand and suddenly weeds shut out of the ground and rap around Kristin’s feet.


She struggles to get her feet free.

DANNI: Ahahahaha!!!!

Kristin gets angry and her eyes start to glow.

DANNI: Ahahaha…huh?

Lighting shoot from Kristin’s chest and nails Danni sending her flying.

AMBER: Okay it’s my turn!

KRISTIN: No it isn’t!


KRISTIN: Alright…

Kristin and Danni walk off.

RYAN: Im up next!

Ryan runs towards Amber and throws Ninja stars. Amber clears at them and they implode.

RYAN: Ah?! (worried)

Amber smiles and starts shooting lasers from her eyes.

BRANDON: That always freaks me out!

One hits Ryan and falls back.

MIGUEL: Out! Me and Vicky next!

VICKY: Okay—ah!

He grabs Vicky’s arm and pulls her to the court. Miguel puts his hand up in the air and a dark glowing rope appears. He twirls it in front of him and then lashes it at Vicky.


She runs and dodges it. Then she turns and shoots multicolored sparkles towards him. When they reach him he becomes immobile.


She then shoots on bale of sparkles towards him and when it hits he’s out.

MONICA: Yeah Vicky kick his ass!

Vicky walks back towards the others and Brandon kisses her. Danni takes off towards Miguel.

DANNI: Miguel are you alright?

MIGUEL: Yeah of course.

She helps him up.

RYAN: Hey um guys the bells about to ring. We have to go or were going to be late for class.

BRANDON: Yeah let’s go.

They turn and another portal opens.

Everyone turns towards the portal.

VICKY: We have company…

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