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Artist Wanted For New MANGA: Into The Dark
aitcheson at 4:12PM, June 23, 2008
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Its 15 year old emo kid who is picked to fight off demons with a Scythe.

The Main Characters are:
Zack Price
Molly Cook
and I kinda have there image thought out. Heres the first script:

!Sorry that some of it was all freaky its because the forum doesnt have like all the font that Microsoft Word has. But its only to look over anyway.!

Into The Dark
#1 The Scythe

Have Zack and the Scythe in the middle of darkness with Molly to the right turned from him and a bunch of the creatures on the left.

SCENE: An area of complete darkness.

Zack is seen falling down into darkness with his eyes closed.

ZACK: Hmm�Huh!

He opens his eyes.

ZACK: Where�Where am I?

He looks around.

ZACK: Am I�dead?

All of a sudden he hits ground.

ZACK: Ahh—Owww.

He gets enough strength to pull his chest up, but he still sitting on the ground.

ZACK: What is this place?

He hears something. He stares into the dark when all of a sudden a human skull is thrown towards him.

ZACK: What the hell?!

Suddenly the skull melts into a Scythe.

He pulls back away in fear.

VOICE: Don�t be afraid. Fear is the enemy.

ZACK: Who is that?! Whose there!

The Scythe magically picks itself up and lungs towards him.

ZACK: Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next thing you know everything goes to light.

SCENE: Inside Zack�s Home.

Zack is staring outside a window at a rainy street. His mom stands next to him.

MRS.PRICE: Zack? Zack! Snap out of it!

ZACK: Hmmm�Huh?

MRS.PRICE: Come on hurry up or you�ll miss the bus!

ZACK: *to himself* What was that place? *to his mother* Mom it was crazy I was like falling and there was a skull and I thought I was dead and—

MRS.PRICE: Zack what is wrong with you? Now hurry up and head down to the bus stop before it takes off without you.

ZACK: Hmmm� right.

He picks up his backpack and heads outside.

SCENE: The Bus Stop

The Bus is loading up a bunch of high schoolers and is about to drive off when Zack is seen running from a distance.

ZACK: *pants*

He finally makes it up to the bus and climbs in. Finding an empty seat he takes off his backpack and blobs down.

SCENE: School

Zack is seated in a desk in a classroom. His teacher starts to write something on the board while drowning on about something the whole class cares nothing about. Zack stares out one of the windows.

ZACK: *to himself* What was that? It was like a dream but it felt real, and since when do people dream when there wide awake!

TEACHER: Zack Price!

The Teachers voice calling his name snaps him out of his thoughts. He notices the class is giggling at his humiliation of being called out for not paying attention.

TEACHER: If you plan to just sit there and not pay attention than you can do that in the office.

ZACK: Sorry it won�t happen aging.

TEACHER: It better not! Now where were we class�

ZACK: *to himself* Oh great the first week of school and my teacher already hates me. Oh well.

TEACHER: Now today is the day you all will be assigned lockers. Here�s how this is going to work. I will give you a slip of paper and on it will be your locker number and combination. You must not give your combination to anyone not even your B.F.F. or what ever you call them.

He looks towards a group of preppy girls.

Zack watches as the Teacher starts to place the slip of paper on his desk but all of a sudden for no reason he stops. Zack looks up and sees a blank expression on his face.

ZACK: Eh Sir?

The Teacher does nothing. Zack looks around at his other classmates who have also stopped almost like there frozen.

ZACK: What�s going on!? Am I losing my mind?!

All of a sudden he notices a shadow on the wall in the shape of a strange creature. It underneath it is a puddle of darkness. The puddle starts to form into the shape of the shadow until there in front of him lies a grotesque monster.

ZACK: I am losing my mind! Okay calm down this is obviously just a hallucination of some kind. Calm down calm down.

Than another monster forms next to it. Then another and another until the front half of the room is almost filled with these strange creatures. Then they start coming towards him.

ZACK: Okay so maybe this is real!

He starts to run for the door but one of the creatures walks in front of him.

ZACK: Ahhhhh!!!

He notices the teachers stool. He picks it up and swings it at the creature dazing it just enough for Zack to drop the stool and run out the door.

SCENE: Hallway

He starts to run down the hallway and notices everyone in it is also frozen. Then he runs into another pack of the creatures. He turns to run back but there�s another pack blocking the way he came. Trapped he watches horrified while they start to close in on him. When all of a sudden a girl (molly) suddenly walks from a portal of darkness in the wall. She quickly wakes her arms at one a group of the creatures creating a vertical beam of light from here hand. These chops threw the monsters and they melt to darkness.

ZACK: Who are you!? What are they!? What the hell is going on!!!

MOLLY: Remember that Scythe?

ZACK: What?! Yeah?

MOLLY: Call for it!

ZACK: Call for it?

She shoots another batch of the creatures with her vertical beams of light.

MOLLY: Just do it! Look for it inside yourself!

Zack holds out his hand and instantly the scythe appears in it. Another group of creatures start to attack Zack but he slices through them with his new weapon. The 2 fight off the creatures until none are left. Zack�s Scythe disappears and they both end up standing with there backs to each other.

ZACK: *pants*

MOLLY: *pants*

ZACK: Who are yo—

He turns around to see the girl is gone. Then he notices all the people are moving aging.

ZACK: What�s going on around here?


If your interested email me at
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flapjack1995 at 8:08PM, June 23, 2008
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Does it have to be manga?
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aitcheson at 8:19AM, June 24, 2008
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Nope I just kinda felt like calling it a Manga. But yeah it would work in Comic form.
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flapjack1995 at 11:21AM, June 24, 2008
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Awesome. So I'll send you some art soon. Should I draw it in pencil or on my tablet? The art will turn out better in pencil but there won't be any color.

EDIT: By the way, I've seen your YouTube account. I subscribed.
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flapjack1995 at 12:43PM, June 24, 2008
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Double-post! I'm evil.

What do the characters look like?
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aitcheson at 7:36PM, June 24, 2008
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Opps sorry someones already filled the position. But if something comes up you will be the first person I email :)
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