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Assistant on Comics/Owner of Comic Question.
maritalbliss at 11:19PM, Oct. 5, 2007
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Hi, I am buckling under peer pressure and also it came to my attention that I mention my husband ENTIRELY too much, so I am opening a new user account for myself…Problem is…I can't figure out how to make myself an assistant or joint owner on the comics. Help…What am I not doing?
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skoolmunkee at 2:56AM, Oct. 6, 2007
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You can't make yourself an assistant, assistants can only be set by the owning account of the comic. So, once you've made your new account, log in as maritalbliss, go to the comic's control page, and there is a field where you can add an assistant. Put in the new user name and submit it :)
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Bekefel at 4:16AM, Oct. 6, 2007
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Every other time, it will be me. Several people have asked us to make another profile to “keep us seperate.” I'm not makin' another profile, 'cause I am the one that does all the computer work. Ethan checks nothing, updates nothing, and only reads the screen when I hand him the lap-top. It will simply be more work for me, and I have enough…Thank you.

This thread and this statement does not compute.

Also why does Ethan get the account you use 98% of the time? :)
Please, please, you give me too little credit.
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Cthulhu at 7:50AM, Oct. 6, 2007
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By any chance… does this have anything to do with TnTComic? Ignore him, he's just rude.
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maritalbliss at 12:35PM, Oct. 6, 2007
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Thanks skoolmunkee, that answers my question.

You know Bekefel, you're right and since when does someone the likes of me cave. That's just it baby…I don't…This seems like to much work…

Chutlu, not REALLY. We're about to start a new comic and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable around here and am about to let my hair down a little bit. Many people find me abrasive and since tone can't be conveyed over the internet, often misinterpret what I think is jest. So, I'm about to start bein' the real me a bit more and since my view aren't necessarily the views of Ethan's (most of the time they are, but…not always!) I thought it'd be nice. But, you know what…

Ya'll are right! Fudge 'em!
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