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I wanna be a Marysue at 3:17AM, Feb. 24, 2010
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joined: 3-28-2009
Hello! I'm I wanna be a Marysue, and I was one who left Drunkduck unannounced. Actually, no. I don't remember if i've even posted on these forums before, but I know I was posting comics on this site some time before now.
I came back! I missed the comics here, some of my favorite comics are hosted on the Duck. I was reading one, and then was thought “why did I leave Drunkduck”? I had no reason to leave! So now i'm back to mirror my current comic here. XD

Its good to be on the Duck again.
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Erad at 5:09PM, Feb. 24, 2010
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joined: 10-29-2009
It may be good to be on DD again, but it's even better to have you back!

Welcome back to the DD community!

All the best.
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tammster at 1:50AM, March 3, 2010
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joined: 2-18-2010
Welcome back. ;D
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