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Bad premise for a film
Plague Doctor at 6:09AM, July 1, 2010
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“Freddie got fingered” - nuff said
I don´t care what critics said,that movie was legendery =D
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LOOKIS at 7:43PM, July 7, 2010
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NASA scientists discover an asteroid is going to hit the Earth and they assemble the usual team of dock workers, truck drivers, demolition experts, and retired Navy seals, and the suspense is terrific as the asteroid comes hurtling in, but despite landing on it and setting off 3 dozen H-bombs, the team is unable to divert the asteroid. That causes panic combined with huge religious revivals on earth.

At the appointed time of impact, crowds fill Times Square looking up, but then… nothing happens. Inexplicably the asteroid has failed to do any damage to planet earth. Scientists are puzzled, but then they quickly discover that Earth is no longer still in its proper solar system. Earth is now orbiting a different star with a different set of planets and one of those planets seems to be inhabited.

A rocket is quickly constructed to explore “Planet X” and the team of dock workers, truck drivers, demolition experts, and retired Navy seals will now get a chance to redeem themselves. The tension is high because this time they must succeed. It's a question of proving their manhood. Are they losers or not? Of course, they manage to crash their rocketship on Planet X so now there is no way back for them, but Earth radios that another rocket will be built to rescue them so don't give up hope. However, before they can hear the message, they are captured by the inhabitants of Planet X, a race of humanoids who have a fondness for wearing black cloaks with high collars and shaving their heads.

After a glib explanation of why he can speak English, the leader of the Planet Xanoids takes the captured men to his palace. Amazingly, he has a harem in his palace of captured Earthwomen and one of the dockworkers recognizes his sister who has been missing since she vanished on the night of her high school prom. Nobody believed her boyfriend's story that she was abducted by aliens and the boyfriend committed suicide because everyone hated him so much and was always asking him, “Where did you bury her, Jerry?”

The dockworker is angry as hell to find the aliens have been “making love” to his sister all these years, although it is cool that they gave her youth treatments so she still looks like a teenager. Only her eyes reveal that she has a long history of interspecies sexual activity with the aliens. her eyes have a jaded look, sometimes glassy, but they never twinkle anymore and that's the way her brother remembers her, with twinkling eyes.

So he is really angry about that and his buddies share his anger so much that they decide to start a revolution on Planet X and bring down the government, which is actually a terrible one with lots of tyranny and cruelty in it. The truck drivers, dock workers, demolition experts and retired Navy seals vow to replace that government with an earth-style democracy.

………………. LEAVE THIS SPACE BLANK …………………
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smkinoshita at 9:37AM, Sept. 29, 2010
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Dark Pascual
Daikatana: The Movie.

Directed by UWE BOLL, BITCH!!!

Sorry folks, we have a winner for worst premise for a film, ever. I can't imagine anything worse.
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bravo1102 at 1:26PM, Sept. 29, 2010
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A dark postmodern re-interpretation of Babes in Toyland with the Wooden Soldiers being Nazi SS and Silas Baranby played by Johnny Depp and the Toymaker by John Malkovitch or Chirstopher Walken. Directed and written by Tim Burton.
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crocty at 11:38AM, Sept. 30, 2010
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A Romeo and Juliet movie, starring the chick from Twilight and Keanu Reaves. Set in the future.

Oh and if we're not being serious, a bunch of people need to get some info (or something, this isn't important, thus let's not dwell on it enough), so they go in to the dreams of other people instead of just beating the guy up for info. The first 1 hour is constant talking, the rest is a blank screen as everyone will have fallen asleep by then.
Oh, how do I edit this again?
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