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Battle Angel movie
SarahN at 4:27PM, April 22, 2006
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Being a big Gunnm fan myself, I'm both looking forward to and dreading this movie.

*sigh* Well, I guess it's confirmed that Gally/Alita and the other characters are going to be CG. (Though still starting out as a person acting…like with Gollum from Lord of the Rings.)

I kind of wanted it to be just live action with effects….but I guess I won't have to worry about the actress playing her as much. >.>

Also…PG-13? For Gunnm? That is not a good thing at all. Gunnm has blood, brain eating, innerds, eyeballs flying and everything! It should be R damnit!! Trying to tone down the violence is always a bad idea.
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isukun at 6:16PM, April 22, 2006
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If it gets good reviews, I'll consider it. In the meantime, I don't really care about it. Hollywood has a knack for ruining the things you love, so it's best not to get your hopes up. Just the fact that special effects are going to be so prominent kind of tips you off that the money probably won't go into the things that matter.

Also, statements like “I know I'm making a film for an audience” always worry me. American audiences as seenby Hollywood are incredibly stupid with horrible taste. Whether Americans are really like that or whether they are just willing to settle for the crap Hollywood dishes out these days, I don't know, but typically something that is made for an audience in this country is a big budget SFX film with a retarded plot.

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ccs1989 at 6:22PM, April 22, 2006
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Battle Angel Alita is drawn really well, and the action is a joy to look at, but I don't really like the story. I've never been one for the post apocolyptic stuff, and in the second part of the story it turns into a sci-fi thing. Plus the artist's technological creations almost seem a bit pretentious, as their ‘scientific justifications’ seem like total BS.

Still, Professor Nova is one of the coolest scientist characters to date, and the comic is still better than a wide range of other manga. The characters are interesting as well, and the style is original. I enjoyed the first 3 volumes of Last Order the best myself, and then it got into a tournament storyline…those always make a series drag.

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Terminal at 8:49PM, April 22, 2006
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I like most of the stuff James Cameron has directed or written and I like Battle Angel Alita. Could this be the perfect combination, or could it blow up and fall from the sky sprialing into a deserted island like a certain Oceanic flight?

Though most of his movies seem to be rated R, why not this one? Tone down violence, Pssh.

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ozoneocean at 10:09PM, April 22, 2006
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Hollywood has a knack for ruining the things you love
So very true… :(
American audiences as seenby Hollywood are incredibly stupid with horrible taste.
True as well. It's the main reason they make shit films, and it's a shame because I don't think they're right at all about American audiences.
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patrickdevine at 3:51PM, May 14, 2007
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Battle Angel/ Gunnm was the first manga I ever bought, as such I'm dreading the release of this movie. I can't imagine that it'd be good (though I've been surprised before!) but I don't think I can not go see it.
Have they said whether she's going to be Gally or Alita yet?
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mlai at 4:00PM, May 14, 2007
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OK, it's summer of 2007 now. Where's this movie?
I didn't see a preview for it when I went to watch Spiderman 3, so that's NOT a good sign.

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SarahN at 7:32PM, May 14, 2007
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According this site:
It's release will be 2009 now.
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