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Behavioral screening -- the future of airport security?
kyupol at 2:06PM, Feb. 20, 2009
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Nemesysco's devices use a series of patented signal-processing algorithms that can differentiate between a “normal” voice and a“'stressed” voice. If emotional stress is detected, officials can determine if the passenger should be taken aside for further questioning.

The system works on the premise that all voices have a certain frequency, and any deviation of that baseline frequency can indicate stress.

I wonder. If you got kids for instance and they start getting unruly and you have to yell at them to tell them to shut up.

Oh. that's “emotional stress”. Take you in for further questioning.

tsk tsk tsk.
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HippieVan at 2:34PM, Feb. 20, 2009
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I actually agree with you on this one. A lot of things can cause stress…many people get nervous about taking a plane in the first place, you might be stressed because you've been rushing around trying to get ready for your plane, because you're moving somewhere new, etc. Being stressed out isn't a crime, especially in a place that causes a lot of stress to begin with.
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PIT_FACE at 3:29PM, Feb. 20, 2009
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man, it's an airport, who ISNT stressed?
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lothar at 7:56PM, Feb. 21, 2009
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i bet the this system doesn't even work. airport security will prolly just use it as a cover to randomly bother people that they think look suspicious
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lastcall at 5:09AM, Feb. 22, 2009
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This is why I drive to my destination, or take a train. Airports are just too stressful anymore. And if you drive, you can take your time and see the sights. Not to mention it's much cheaper.

I told myself I was done with airports when a security guard was inspecting the insides of my suitcase (as they were doing with everyone) and freaked out that I had a canister of bath salts in it. It was a Christmas present for my mom. He made me get rid of it. How ridiculous.

Hippie Van
Being stressed out isn't a crime, especially in a place that causes a lot of stress to begin with.
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lba at 10:48AM, Feb. 22, 2009
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I can see it now

Guard: “Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to step over here for a minute.”

Traveler: “What for?”

Guard: “Well sir, you're sweating profusely and per section 4, code 5 of the international flight security regulations, that means you're incredibly nervous about being here, and most likely therefore a terrorist.”

Traveler: “This is Egypt! And it's summertime! I'm sweating because I'm from Ohio and it's hot here!”

Guard: “All the more reason…”

I'm not trying to pick on Ohioans.
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Orin J Master at 1:16PM, Feb. 22, 2009
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another dumb item that was made to get a piece of the government terror money, which will be phased out quietly in a year or so if it's actually used…

really, assuming that the most probable cause of stress is guilt pretty shoddy workmanship.
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