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Best way to advertise? (Besides PW.)
korosu at 7:50AM, July 22, 2008
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Hey all, I was just wondering where you guys have had the best luck advertising your site. So far, I haven't had a whole lot of luck with Project Wonderful, as I always end up getting outbid. Granted, I haven't been on it for very long, but still. I'd prefer to get involved with something that doesn't take quite so much effort just to get my banner on a site. Thanks for any advice!
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BlkKnight at 8:08AM, July 22, 2008
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For passive methods of advertising, there's always sticking your site on webcomic listings.

I'm always partial to the banner exchange, but you need to devote part of your site to displaying banners…and the people you wish to exchange with want to do it. It also doubles as a way of telling other artists “Hey, I like your comic.”
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lba at 8:23PM, July 22, 2008
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A good trick with PW is to look at the average bids graph on a box and make a bid on the low side of the average and set the bid to be active for a month or two at a time. You might never know when your ad will actually be highest bidder, but it's a decent way to get some cheaper ad space on fairly popular comics. It's pretty low effort compared to some other methods of bidding, to do it this way if you just make several bids like this all at once. But you still have to take the time to make sure it's a good fit for your comic before you start bidding.

Another method that's slightly cutthroat is to keep driving up someone else's bid until they either cancel it or run out of funds and grab the space on the cheap for a while before they put more funds on their account or turn around and jack up the price on you. I'm not as much a fan of that method since it can backfire just as much as it works.

The big thing is that to get good results there's really no easy way to do it. To get a lot of hits through one of the lists you usually need to have a bit of a presence on the forums there or spend the time to write yourself a really good description. If you go with PW you have to take the time to sift through the sites you plan on bidding to make sure that the people reading them are going to be interested in your comic. The advertising part is in my opinion about 60% of doing a comic really. The actual making of it is just a small part it seems.
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