BffSatan interviews MaxAxil of The Adventures of Random Epic!
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This interview is of MaxAxil, whose comics are The Adventures of Random Epic and others!

(Interview conducted by BffSatan!)

So MaxAxil, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who's the man behind the mask? What makes you tick? What are you all about? a/s/l?

Well I'm just some guy who have nothing better to do than to use laptop or play video games. Besides, as a kid my friends were more indoor people like me now. I use to go out much but that changed since everyday of my life was going to my friends place and them inviting me to play ps2. But still, I keep it fair by going out to shoot some hoops sometimes or never. I also like drawing, which is my life if ever I don't feel like using my gadgets

You have three comics here on Drunk Duck, the first being ‘The Adventures of Random Epic.’ How would you describe this comic?

This comics all about the stick. Originally, I was planning on doing my old stickman show i used to do when I was in elementary, but the jokes were all boring and it took some time to draw since it had at least 8 panels. Plus, I'd get caught a lot by the teacher which they then wither hide my comic or just throw it away.

You have two other comics with less pages. What can you tell me about ‘Radiata Stories LMAO?’

Radiata stories Lmao is based on the PS2 game radiata stories. It's really fun especially since I get to kick people a lot in the game. The adventure was fun and all the gags and jokes Crack me up all the way. The first time I did this in paint, I decided to cram since I had no idea how I was gonna make it, which was a terrible idea. So I re-did this and it became better then the old one

And of course your last comic is ‘Living with Dan and Stacey in Drunk Duck,’ a project that is sort of community-esque. What's the idea behind that?

Well I was reading more comics everyday in drunk duck when I saw a lot of comics that was involved the whole community. This gave me an idea of my own to make a comic that involved the comics and users to be staff of DD. It kept me a while but I finally got through with some idea's

Are you still looking for people to put in that comic?

Yes I am. Which is very hard since I have no idea who would want to appear in the comic with a bunch of other guys they don't know.

What's your creative process when you make a comic? How do you get an idea and implement that as a comic?

I just use paint. Its simple and not really fancy like others but I like seeing doodles and comics in color for once since I never color my drawings. My idea's for a comic either comes from video games,the things I watch, or simply other comics. It's fun. Thats all I can say I guess?

Do you have a plan for where these comics are going?

I dunno. It's just my hobby to make comics and post them. If readers like it, then they like it. if they don't well I'm very sorry to readers who don't like it but thats the way I make my comics.

What are your main sources of inspiration for your comics?

My inspiration for this is mainly video games and reading other comics. Mostly P3FTW and Johei the 19th by Strain42 and some other anime and manga I watch and eat. Sometime's if possible, I get from anything I see and eat as a quick measure. And even a little bit of my childhood. How Clich├ęd Lol

So I hear you like anime and manga; what's your favourites?

My favorite anime and Manga is reborn! It's been on me to watch and read each time there's a new release. I'm just kinda sad the anime version ended, but luckily it'll come back some time this 2011. My second favorite is Law of Ueki. I find it interesting how his power is to turn trash into tree's. The others are mostly just Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, or One piece and yakitate Japan. There are a lot more but I don't actually remember the other's names.

What made you interested in starting your own webcomic?

I guess when i started making paint comics was when I saw persona3FTW hosted in youtube and was interested to find out where it came from which led me here to DD. With all the comics I've seen, I felt real fired up to make my own comics.

What are some other comics that you read?
Well besides Strain42's comics, i read Barry reviews, Pokemon granite, Kingdom hearts chain of oddness, KH Bloopers, other kh comics, Ultima flare holy Pie, Why does everyone hate my guts, Death and Fairy, Thors Thundershack, Chain of stuff, and Drunk Duck 2010.
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