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Big Brother CCTV to spy on pupils aged four - complete with CPS evidence kit
kyupol at 1:55PM, Feb. 20, 2009
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Schools are required to ensure they follow protocols which recognise the privacy of pupils and staff. The overwhelming experience has been that pupils feel safer and that teachers feel more in control of their classrooms.’

lol Thats a good way to sell Big Brother. SAFETY.

Anyway, more evidence of privacy going down the toilet.
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HippieVan at 2:12PM, Feb. 20, 2009
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That's pretty crazy. If that were me I'd probably grow up to be totally paranoid.

It would be more understandable if cameras like these were installed in an high school, especially if it were in a bad area of town or in a school for teens who have been expelled from other schools. Even then, I'd say the microphones would be too much.
There's no reason for them to be spying on small children. Not only is it creepy, I bet it would be a huge waste of money.
Let's not spend our money on more books, no. Cameras, that's what a school needs! Geez.
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