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Big Buck Bunny: The second Open movie project
gigatwo at 10:53AM, May 31, 2008
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Watch the movie (streamed version)

It's basically an animated short created entirely with FOS(free-open source) software (mostly in blender 3D). It's actually pretty damn entertaining.
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SarahN at 12:53PM, May 31, 2008
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That was more impressive story and graphics wise than many cgi films that have been released in theaters.

Plus it had an old cartoon nostalgia feel going on. :)
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Hawk at 1:25PM, May 31, 2008
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I thought the story and comedic timing were pretty weak. But the lighting, fur technology, and grass were pretty good.
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mlai at 5:00AM, June 4, 2008
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Wow that's gotta be the ugliest bunny I've ever seen.
There was something about it that repulsed me, for the 1st 10 secs that I was looking at it. Perhaps some sort of furry uncanny valley. Brrrr….

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