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Blue Pencil
magicalmisfits at 5:58PM, Jan. 26, 2006
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Last weekend I went to Anchorage. For us Alaskans thats an event. I decided to do some art shopping for my new strip. I bought some Pitt Artist pens with brush nibs by Faber-Castell. I was very excited. Now I would be able to make more organic lines for my toons. But I immediatly came up against a problem. My lines were scanning badly with gaps that leaked color through when I filled with color in Photoshop (OK I know I use grey). I was pretty ticked it makes a great deal of work when finishing in Photoshop. I really liked the line the pen made! I was all set to put these pens in “the drawer of cool stuff I bought but don't use” when I saw a magnifine glass. I took the glass and examined the lines on the original art. And I found the problem! In the art store I found “no photo-blue pencils”. And I started using them the same time I use'd the brush nib pens! The blue material in the pencils absorbs the india ink and it scans blue which when I transform the art becomes white. I have now put the blue pencils in “the drawer of cool stuff I bought but no longer use”. Now that was a long lead in to ask how you all prepare your art! I'd love to know.
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mykill at 8:08PM, Jan. 26, 2006
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The lead of the non repro blue pencil REPELLS ink if the drawing hand is too heavy, it's too waxy or something. I found if I was to ink pages drawn in non repro blue pencil, I often HAD to ink thru vellum tracing paper (a dense tracing paper that holds ink as well as bristol board).

I can never use non repro blue pencils ‘cause I’m heavy handed. They can work if your pencil line is soft. That way the blue isn't dense enough to repel ink.

(if your pencil line leaves any physical groove at all on the paper - your drawing hand is too heavy for non preo blue pencil)
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ArekuDemon at 5:52PM, March 22, 2006
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hah. I just use fabre castels blue watercolor pencil. =P Nothing fancy.
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isukun at 7:36AM, March 23, 2006
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I used to just use a standard mechanical pencil for drawing up a rough. I generally do all my inking on the computer with Illustrator so it doesn't really matter how rough it looks when I scan it in. Recently, though, I've removed any and all drawing tools from the process. I draw the roughs directly in Photoshop before I transfer them over to Illustrator.

.: isukun :.
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riley at 10:11AM, March 23, 2006
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i do a ruff lay out juck setch at work or some where when i am killing time ….to work out the frames and dialog a lot of P.H. jokes never get past that step..then some time after the kids are in bed.. i start on the real line art.. most of the time a draw the full panal and thin ink it and scan color comes latter..

.sometimes i end up doing more then one page to get a panal… “elf girl's apples” otherwise know as i like apples took 3 pages.. elf girl first panal was a full page full body pict that i croped down to just what worked in the fram.. the face to face view was also a full page lost a lot when compressed..but i really wanted a lot of fine lines… for hair and stuff..back ground are also often done as a new page and then layered in ….does that answer your question and why it takes me 2 or 3 days to do a page…or do you want the computer stuff as well

put a link to the page i'm talking about…i hope
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