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strongbad_999 at 1:06PM, Feb. 15, 2006
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Okay…In a few of my comic's I've added movement effects by drawing different sized lines (you get what I'm sayin'). But I know that it'd look 10x better if I could properly blur the object in motion.

The question: Does anyone have any tips/tricks/techniques that they'd like to share about blurring an object (or person) to make it appear as though it/he/she is in motion?

Thanks a bundle,
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SpANG at 1:10PM, Feb. 15, 2006
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What art application are you using?

.: SpANG! :.
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Giandroid at 2:41PM, Feb. 15, 2006
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A common misconception is that motion is percieved by effects, such as motion blurs and lines.
Guess what?


Motion is best captured by the picture itself. If your character looks like it's ABOUT to make his move, or even AFTER he has made it, then he already looks like he's moving. If you draw it like he IS making the movement, then believe it or not, it looks like he's barely moving at all. If you draw a pitcher when he's about to throw the ball, or when his arm is fully extended, it will look ten times more exciting than when he's in the process of throwing it. Relying on computers isn't really a good way to improve art… I've tried.

But if you must know, the smudge tool/motion blur filter works.
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strongbad_999 at 11:03PM, Feb. 15, 2006
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I use Photoshop CS. And my smudge/blur tools don't ever do what I want them to do.

Maybe I should just play with them for a few hours instead of doing homework?
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Mike_G at 5:40AM, Feb. 16, 2006
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I like what Giandroid said. If you can give the perception of movement, then, alot of the time, effects can get in the way. Still, the best way to use a computer program is to do small tests, and “undo” if it isn't good. More you try, easier it gets ^_^

…don't be like me and over do it! You'll be kickin' yourself when it's done ^_^

hmm…notes: motion blur is when the movement is too fast for the camera to catch it. The most you'll usually need is a faint haze pointing back the way the body came from, few centimeters at most, so when you use the blur tool, set your radius pretty low. after that it's a matter of finding which settings best accentuate the motion you've established, through trial and error.

Here's a link to one I really liked >LINK< took me hours to settle on it…(note: just the colorist, line art by Habilis_Orian)

(ps/edit) try selecting different areas to blur, to see which parts really need it and to reduce overlap (ie:face getting covered)…ohoh! Always nice to do the blur on a copied layer, that way you don't lose the main lines, and it's easier to fix later on.
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