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Body Image
ozoneocean at 11:45PM, March 9, 2008
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This occurs to be because of the recent interviews Skool did. This has been discussed here before but it usually just focused on one body type: fat.

All body types are involved in the concept though. Nothing is truly “typical”, “natural”, “average”, or archytypically “realistic” though, it annoys me when those terms are used in relation to the idea of body image!!!! :gem:

Basically, what shape you are depends on your parentage (genetics if you will), daily level of physical activity, and energy intake (through food). That's it. Depending on those three, whatever shape you turn out IS typical, realistic, normal, and natural, whether that's circular, buxom, a wedge shaped musclebeast, or a pipecleaner person.

-Other outside factors are illness, surgery, and drugs.


My personal belief has always been that you should be content in your body shape, depending on your lifestyle. With anything else empty, harmful vanity. If you consume less energy and have a high level of daily activity you will naturally become a certain shape; office workers will tend to look different from someone who works a physical job out doors. If you enjoy a more relaxed way of living with lower activity and luxuriate in delicious plentiful helpings of yummy food, then enjoy it! Don't worry about spreading out.- that shape fits your lifestyle, not the other way around.

And I always thought that exercise should be unnecessary: a needless waste of energy…

But now I'm becoming a hypocrite, as I do about a lot of things eventually. I'm tried of being a pipecleaner person… I would like actually have a sixpack on mah tummy… I don't want to go from being a skinny young man to a skinny old man with a paunch. So I'm actually exercising. :(

Basically, what I realised is that we're not just meant to look like how we do based on simple lifestyle factors and parentage. Body image is tied up with all the rest of the aspects of social interaction as well as culture more broadly. It is and has always been very much a part of status, aspiration, and class, whether that's to be as large as possible to show wealth, health, and fertility, as it was in times past in Europe and still is today in parts of Africa, or the slender, athletic, muscular body types celebrated by those like the ancient Greek cultures (as well as the bullish thick-set wrestler types), or like it is today in much of the west where beefy muscular male forms and slender female forms are supposed to represent the model form.
It's not GOOD, or BAD, natural or unnatural, and it can and DOES change,

And most of us are influenced by it to some extent whether we like it or not. :(
But I think the important thing is not to create artificial standards and norms based on what are essentially changeable variables.
-it's fashion in a way really. :)

And one funny and interesting aspect is that the lowest class of poorest people (not using that pejoratively), in most places will always be the skinniest, wiriest, and darkest tanned because of their typical lifestyles.
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Aurora Moon at 12:35AM, March 10, 2008
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You know something? I agree with you wholeheartly. There's plenty of women (and men) who has different body shapes, even if they're not fat in terms of being pudgy or whatever.
Yet it seems to me that there's been a trend lately, where only women who has no “real” curves much like a skinny ten-year-old boy, is condisered thin and shown to be the ideal model type in the media.
Leaving out the women who delvoped curves naturally without gaining weight to be viewed as “fat” in certain areas of their body, just because they're pear-shaped or something. And that's not the worst part…models who has curves and different shapes are conidsered “plus-sized models”. Even though they're not even obese nor even “pudgy” in any slightest sense of the word. Those women actually work out, they stay fit…and they have a NORMAL weight that somebody of thier age and height is supposed to have. Yet, they get labelled “plus-sized”.
And people wonder why there's so many people with so many werid self-image problems? It's because the media with thier idea of perfection is so screwed up…
And thanks to them, some people are growing up or being influenced on the idea of what a “normal” body shape is like. God forbid if they don't have a body shape like that of a ten-year-old boy!

I have a body shape that's between a hour-glass shape and a pear-shape body… So as you can imagine, I have plenty of curves, all in the right place. ;) But sometimes I admit that sometimes I get bothered by some parts of my body… it's because of the fact that I have those child-bearing hips, which tends to give my booty this “applebottom” shape. Sometimes I wonder if this natural shape of mine makes my ass look too big, But then I remind myself that I actually excerise… mainly to keep myself fit and healthy. I remind myself that I shouldn't let the media influce me in any way or form… because according to my gym trainer, I have the perfect weight right now for somebody of my age and height.
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albone at 8:31AM, March 10, 2008
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That really is well said by both of you. You really need to love yourself and your body to be happy. The only thing I'll say is get to/stay at a healthy weight to ward off any health issues that can come from being overweight.

As far as society goes, beautiful people will always get the nod there. I really enjoy the argument of skinny girls being criticized for being skinny and big girls saying that they're real. Its sort of some excuse to pig out, drink and be slothy. Of course that's an exageration but so is saying that all ‘skinny’ girls are fake. I'd prefer people just love one another based on who they are, not their dress/pant size.
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subcultured at 9:28AM, March 10, 2008
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no one will ever be perfect…
even those who people think are gorgeous always feels like they need something done.

it's all about perception of self.
exercising and looking good shouldn't really go hand in hand.
exercise to keep healthy, not to look good.
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dueeast at 9:33AM, March 10, 2008
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That's quotable, Sub. I couldn't have said it better. :)

no one will ever be perfect…
even those who people think are gorgeous always feels like they need something done.

it's all about perception of self.
exercising and looking good shouldn't really go hand in hand.
exercise to keep healthy, not to look good.
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trevoramueller at 10:49AM, March 10, 2008
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That's quotable, Sub. I couldn't have said it better. :)

no one will ever be perfect…
even those who people think are gorgeous always feels like they need something done.

it's all about perception of self.
exercising and looking good shouldn't really go hand in hand.
exercise to keep healthy, not to look good.

Ditto. Also, I work out to justify my addiction to Dorito's…. ;)
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teedomoonstrider at 11:01AM, March 10, 2008
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I would like to state that chicks with curves are awesome. Fat-bottomed girls make the rockin' world go 'round!

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kyupol at 7:26AM, March 11, 2008
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I dont care much about body image because I believe that our physical reality is not the end of it.

I believe our REAL form is pure energy. And it is free to manifest itself into any form it wants.

The human race should not be obsessed with its external appearance. Because it is a prison belief that does nothing but set limits on us.
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Naughtelos at 3:47PM, March 18, 2008
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I find nothing attractive in an uber-skinny girl. And, excluding the last, what? 40 years?, most of the world agreed with me. Even a lil muffin top occasionally looks cute. My point being? It's just an example of how “beauty” as we most often define it is pretty superficial for something so deeply researched and so ingraned in our psyche, and thusly in human nature. The hardest part is not to let it get to you. “Hot” can be defined a different way for every person on the earth, depending on who you're talking to. With the right person looking at it, and if presented the right way, anything is beautiful. It's all about being confident and flaunting what you have! And for the love of God, Allah or whoever, be a human, dammit, not a drone that bends to the will of whichever fashion magazine gets slapped in your face. (take that as you will)
…Just as long as you aren't delusional about what you have, because if you don't have it, don't claim to, that pisses me off.
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