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Boosting confidence...
simonitro at 12:21PM, Feb. 18, 2008
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Well, I want to help people boost their confidence when drawing and doing art. Those are tips and I figured here's a perfect place to share my confidence tips.

If you're feeling down and couldn't draw something, just sit down for couple minutes and think.

“No matter what YOU do, you will always remain in the middle… there are people better than you and there are people worse than but the most important thing is you're accomplishing something. It might not be the best thing that can come out of you but be sure to know that you did something, and that's still an accomplishment you should proud of.

Another thing, NEVER say ”I Wish“ you must say ”I WILL“… Don't be afraid and just do what you think that'll help you accomplish thing that'll make you happy.”

It's all about practicing and courage and you will get better. so, don't worry be happy. :)

Enjoy… Las Vegas-y
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acadia at 3:00PM, Feb. 18, 2008
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I have little panic attacks like that all the time. Then I do exactly what you say here, I realize that I'm DOING something. I may not be the best, but I'm definitely not the worst, and I'm getting better. It's a good way to stay motivated. This is good advice man.

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Skullbie at 3:01PM, Feb. 18, 2008
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…or you could look at terrible sonic furry art drawn for hentai purposes. lol! then you'll know your art doesn't fail.

Those are some neat tips simonitro, mine is that no matter what if you practice you art will improve. you just gotta branch out of the comfort zone and practice, practice!

And the i wish/I will can work for so many other things in life. ;)
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lba at 4:20PM, Feb. 18, 2008
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I always stop and think until I remember that I still have another four years of school to perfect and learn the things that will make my work better. Then I consider the fact that I never even really started drawing until my junior year of high school only 2 years ago.

Thinking about how far I've come in that time and how much more time I still have to learn in always makes me feel better about it.

It also helps when I go back and look at the first 25 comics I produced. lol!
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Frostflowers at 1:13AM, Feb. 19, 2008
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I keep my old sketchbooks. I've got the really old ones, from back when I was in third grade (my mother has kept those), but I've also got organised, labelled-and-dated sketchbooks going back as far as 2001 - and whenever I lose confidence in my skills, I go and flip through them and realise how much better I've become. :)

Practise and patience is all it takes - and ambition. Challenge yourself. Try drawing something you're afraid of - be it unusual camera angles, complicated backgrounds or lighting conditions - because then, even if you fail spectacularly, you'll have learned something. Also, it feels less awful to fail at something you know is really freaking difficult.
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JustNoPoint at 7:03AM, Feb. 19, 2008
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Like some others my biggest confidence booster is looking at old work. More often than not I actually get confidence by looking at better works as well. Or perhaps inspired to try harder.

For some reason this week I am feeling a bit low on confidence which is VERY rare for me. I'll blame being sick and some personal things for that. I need to draw a real cool page to pick my confidence back up.

That's another solution, drawing something you had really been looking forward to drawing, as it generally turns out quite nice and having fun doing so makes you feel better.

Everyone gets down every once in a while. I may not be the best at LOTS of things but I am honestly putting forth effort to get better. And my old works prove that it is working. Another source of confidence in wondering what my art will become in another year.
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Ryuthehedgewolf at 3:46PM, Feb. 20, 2008
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I personally just look at progression. I look towards the future.

I remember when I first started drawing, I just kept at it, and I wanted to get really good. And then finally, I got where I am today, and here I am, still trying to get better.

All it takes it time, practice, ideas, and inspiration ^^
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amanda at 4:11PM, Feb. 20, 2008
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Going back to my old sketchbooks makes me laugh hysterically at what I thought was awesome…though compared to how I *used* to draw, I'm muuuuuuuch better. My biggest confidence boost comes from people who stop to give me some really good constructive criticism or advice - since that means they're interested in my work and want to see it go further. XD

Also, despite my artistic mediocrity, it makes me happy to draw…to me, happiness and confidence go hand-in-hand.
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demontales at 5:59PM, Aug. 22, 2009
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Not only, as stated before, there will always be worst and better, there is nobody that does it exactly like you. Sometime we think some artist(or people you know) are much better and we try to do as good as them and just don't succeed.

Either you need practice and you're on the way, or it's because your style is just different.

When I lose my confidence to a point I lose interest in drawing original stuff, I draw portraits and fan art. This way at least I know I am practicing and getting better.
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Hyena H_ll at 7:20AM, Aug. 23, 2009
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I keep my old sketchbooks. I've got the really old ones, from back when I was in third grade (my mother has kept those), but I've also got organised, labelled-and-dated sketchbooks going back as far as 2001 - and whenever I lose confidence in my skills, I go and flip through them and realise how much better I've become. :)
I've got the same thing-what with the obsessively labeled, dated, organized sketchbooks! That's what I do as well. It's amazing how much you can progress in even a year.

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megan_rose at 7:16PM, Aug. 23, 2009
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I always say, draw for yourself, and do it because you like it. If you do it for yourself, you're the only one who needs to be impressed. If other people like it, awesome. But you're the one who really needs to like it.

If you don't like it, you just gotta practice. And if you like drawing, you'll have no problem practicing. It'll be fun.

The great thing about doing webcomics is that most of us don't have to earn a living off it, and are free to say to our harsh, confidence-destroying critics, “Hey, screw you! I like it, and that's what counts!”
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ozoneocean at 3:30AM, Aug. 24, 2009
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“Hey, screw you! I like it, and that's what counts!”
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Gillespie at 8:34PM, Aug. 28, 2009
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I should remember to come here whenever I feel like that. Thanks for the help!
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grobles63 at 8:51AM, Aug. 29, 2009
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Hokusai, the great Manga artist wrote:

“From the age of six I had a mania for drawing the forms of things. By the time I was fifty I had published an infinity of designs; but all I produced before the age of seventy is not worth taking into account. At seventy three I learned a little about the real structure of nature, of animals, plants, trees, birds, fishes, and insects. In consequence, when I am eighty I shall have made still more progress; at ninety I shall penetrate the mystery of things; at a hundred I shall certainly have reached a marvelous stage; and when I am a hundred and ten everything I do, be it dot or line, will be alive. I beg those who live as long as I to see if I do not keep my word.”

On his deathbed Hokusai reportedly cried out….
“If heaven could only grant me ten more years! Only five more, and I would have become a real painter.”

When I went to art school an instructor used to read these words to us when the model took a break, this and many other inspiring quote's from artist through out history. Enjoy your growth, enjoy your experience. Never compete with anyone other then yourself- be the best you you can be. Take inspiration from other artist, life, where ever you can get it, you will be rewarded artistically.
I know I am not the best, but I enjoy striving to get better.
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sagittarius at 3:46PM, Aug. 29, 2009
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As of now, my twin (kaihidou, main comic artist of KRtC) is still negative on what her work was said on the other forums. Tried cheering her up but still no to avail.

I take my negativity as my stepping stone for my work. I like to draw a lot and having fun is the most important to make your work awesome.

“Hey, screw you! I like it, and that's what counts!”
So true indeed. Maybe I should tell this to my twin just to get her off the drama status.
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subcultured at 7:42AM, Aug. 30, 2009
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i look at mangakas (people who draw manga) and it's unbelievable how good their work ethic is. american artists dont even normally stay in one book for more that 10 issues.

also how do they keep it consistent…man that stuff makes me depressed.
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that kid yellow at 3:51PM, Sept. 4, 2009
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Not everyone is gonna like your stuff. But for me I think to myself im the best out there. If someone draws somethign cool im gonna do everything in my power to draw something better. Even if your not that good at drawing try to bring somehting diff to the table that will grab the attention of others. And think outside the box. We get so drained thinking inside the box. Just relax its your world, your comic. : )
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Hunchdebunch at 3:47AM, Sept. 5, 2009
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I'll tell you what boosts my confidence and makes me carry on (and one reason I ended up being able to finish The Door): My readers. The people who read every page of my comics and comment on all of them. The things they say just make my day and make me excited to make the next page and show them what happens next. So, thankyou to everyone who reads and comments on my comics :)
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