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Buying a Tablet means Buying Skill?
Aurora Borealis at 3:20PM, Feb. 19, 2009
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It reminds me of the artists who started their training back in the 60's and 70's when traditional art training had been turned on it's head and artists stopped being trained in all the old was of mastering figure drawing, anatomy, their media and the style of the old “masters”. Their gods were the iconoclasts of the early 20th C.- Duchamp, Picasso, Kandinsky, Klee etc… So many of them never new the traditional training and missed that, unlike Piccasso etc who went from traditional styles into a later abstract decorative style that evolved with himself and his own understanding those students where thrown head first into the (then) contemporary abstract styles. SO their perspective on older styles and methods was skewed, their understanding of the contemporary very different to the artists who had created it.

-That's how it is now in a way: people who “grew up” digital and didn't have all that background in older analogue styles have a skewed perspective on the media available for them to work in…
This reminds me another story… Dave McKean said in an interview that he drew Cages (his one and only graphic novel) in a very traditional fashion because of what he saw at cons. People were bringing him artwork for crits that was all splashes of paint with bits of gears and stuff pulled from watches glued onto it and it made him realize that people take only that from his art while not paying attention to the basic drawing skills.

All that means is that people will have silly arguments about “respect”. Really it's the work that matters and whether you're working in the best way for YOU.

All that matters technically is:

1. Can you afford to do it?
2. Are you able to produce the work you want with that media in that style?
3. Will those materials and technique produce a good finished result for what the work is intended?
(i.e. hanging in a gallery, part of a video work, a magazine cover, T-shirt print and so on).
Basically my views. I work cheap (automatic pencils, typewriter or even squared notebook paper, gelpens, cheap wacom volito2 tablet, scanner from 97, five or so years old pc and perhaps even older photoshop 7), and my goal is to tell stories in an efficient manner.

Also, I can't paint traditionally, not to mention that most of paint related materials give me a terrible headache, so I'm really grateful for the existance of digital media that allows me to use color if I want to.
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