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Cameo opportunity for characters from dead webcomics
Kallisti at 2:43AM, Sept. 12, 2010
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In an upcoming bit in Apple Valley, I'm going to be featuring a sort of “Webcomic Netherworld” which I wanted to populate with characters from webcomics that have shuffled off this mortal coil and gone to the big Hiatus in the sky.

Most of the appearances will be background roles, however one or two of the characters will be featured with lots of screen time for about 2 weeks. Also, if they work out well, these characters could possibly be revived as full secondary/tertiary cast members of Apple Valley(with your permission, of course) as I have with Ralph and Bimbo of Exploitation Now and Asimov from 2nd Shift. Ideally, the comic I'm borrowing from should have at least 20-or-so pages done so I can get a feel for the character, but if you've got someone awesome to lend and can provide a good enough description, I'll see what I can do.

Roles I'm specifically looking to fill:
2-3 Sprite Comic characters - these must be custom sprites, nothing that's a copyright violation, as this won't be parody and I wouldn't be protected by the same free use protection as you would. Good guys, bad guys, it doesn't really matter for this.

6-8 Furry characters - my capacity to draw these may limit who I can include and how often they appear, but I'll do my best. No housecat-based furries (lion, tiger, or other big cats are OK) as it violates the internal logic of my comic. Specifically looking for one/two “hero” characters and one “villian” character. These are the most likely for revival/promotion.

1-3 Fantastic (elf, goblin, dwarf, troll) characters - on these, the vaguer the backstory the better as I have to try and shoehorn them into Apple Valley's internal logic.

Also looking for Evil/Mad Scientist, College Student, and Magic-User Humans, and maybe a cyborg or killer robot too.
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