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Can anyone seriously do this?
Walrus at 2:04PM, Dec. 4, 2007
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Can anyone say all 493 pokemon without having to look any of them up. I'm a pokemaniac and I think I cant recite about 250 at the most.
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Priest_Revan at 2:13PM, Dec. 4, 2007
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If I'm correct, my friend can. In order, too. He can name their specialties, moves, and abilities.

He can probably also name the best attributes and gender to get them as.

The worst part about this is… he's 19…
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herio at 3:57PM, Dec. 4, 2007
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thats freaky

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Sketa at 4:11PM, Dec. 4, 2007
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yeah… my ex could, she's a pokemaniac though, she's writing guides for the games in Danish just to annoy Americans lol
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Sidwarrious at 6:09PM, Dec. 4, 2007
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Maybe if I really kept up with it all I could. I recently played Emerald and I jes beat Leafgren when THANKS TO YOU WALLY WALLY WALRUS I COULDN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT POKEMON! You commented on my comic and then I kept seeing you in the forums and so I kept thinking about pokemon and played both games. I can name the original 150 EASY and so maybe I could do 200?
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Gordon CSA at 6:21PM, Dec. 4, 2007
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You could… but the real question is how long it would take to memorize it all. More importantly… why??
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mishi_hime at 8:28AM, Dec. 6, 2007
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that person would seriously have too much time…

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Inkmonkey at 3:29PM, Dec. 6, 2007
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I think there's something inherently wrong with being able to name 493 of anything off the top of one's head. Even if it's something like some guy listing the names of the 493 women he's slept with. Being a man-whore is one thing, but it's kidna creepy to memorize all those women on top of it.
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 7:45PM, Dec. 6, 2007
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I actually could if I was given the time…
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AQua_ng at 7:49AM, Dec. 8, 2007
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I could that, no sweat. I'm a fanboy though, it's in my job description.

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korosu at 11:01PM, Dec. 14, 2007
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Y'know, ever since around Pokemon Silver I've given up on the whole thing completely. Sorry, but I think the franchise should've ended around then. The fact that there's almost 500 Pokemon is pretty ridiculous. :/ (Don't get me wrong, though, because I'm not trying to diss Pokemon fans; I love the classic 150, and I absolutely love Kojirou. <3)
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usedbooks at 11:40AM, Dec. 15, 2007
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Nope. I could name about five or six if I thought really hard – based on what I know about Pokemon (mostly from Super Smash Brothers)…

I can recite the scientific names of every real amphibian and reptile species native to my state.

My brother memorized the periodic table when he was a kid. And he has been working on perfecting this song from memory:

Memorizing any long list of things is always pretty nerdy. It just depends on what type of nerd you happen to be.
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spiritmonkey at 12:16PM, Dec. 15, 2007
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that song is awesome
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kyupol at 1:54PM, Dec. 19, 2007
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memorize the value of pi
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