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Can't CREATE comic
Hathi117 at 2:13PM, Jan. 26, 2010
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So I'm new to the site and I tried uploading the first page of a comic back on friday but it said the option was unavailable until monday the whatever. Also a friend couldn't update her comic either so I figured it would be fixed in due time. Monday comes around and updates work fine but I can't create a comic still. I wait another day (today :D) and still nothing.

"Adding comics has been temporarily disabled. This functionality should be fully restored by Monday, 12/14/2009 @ 8:00 AM PST

Sorry for the inconvenience. "

Wait what? December 14th? So any word on this? There is a thread about updating a comic with this same problem but nothing about creating one.

Thanks for any help.
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ozoneocean at 1:04AM, Jan. 27, 2010
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It was probably an older version of DD cached by your ISP, since there hasn't been a freeze on uploading comics for some time.
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skoolmunkee at 2:36AM, Jan. 27, 2010
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No, he's right. If you go to your account and click on ‘create a comic’ it gives you that lockdown page.

I will let Platinum know about it :] They should be able to fix it quickly (once they are back in the office)
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Inky86 at 8:28AM, Jan. 27, 2010
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Is it just that link that is faulty? IS there another link that works?

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Hathi117 at 9:26AM, Jan. 27, 2010
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Works now :D:D:D:D You guys are good.
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