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Can't log on to the forums
Anonymous at 7:18PM, Aug. 25, 2006
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I've been having a lot of problems logging into the DD forums lately, which is one reason why I've been scant of late. On any of the log in forms, I either get an error message to resubmit, or get bounced back to the forum index page. And then there are those weird times where it just works. And no, before anyone asks, I HAVEN'T forgotten my login information.

I'm on Windows XP, using Firefox Advice?


Username: warofwinds
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Black_Kitty at 7:45PM, Aug. 25, 2006
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Try deleting your cookies? I had the same problem and am using FireFox as well. The problem was gone after I cleared my cookies.

.: Black Kitty :.
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warofwinds at 7:45PM, Aug. 25, 2006
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Nevermind, scrolled down further and found the pertinent thread.

EDIT: ah! You must have posted like 2 seconds in front of me!
I went here: and it worked fine. Thanks!
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