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Cant change avatar
T_K at 1:01AM, Feb. 24, 2006
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you can change it its just bloody slow before it kicks in.
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Chameloncholic at 1:04AM, Feb. 24, 2006
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I'm officially confused.

Okay, you are in your user control panel.

See the bit that says

Account Info:
Username: Chameloncholic
Member Since: 01-04-2006

or somesuch relating to your account, simply click the browse button next to “Avatar” and find the image you want to use on your machine and it will be uploaded.

If it's not uploading check that it fits the size requirements of 100x100 pixels and that you are using either .gif, .jpg or .png file formats. Actually I'm not sure about png, stick with the others to be sure.

If that doesn't work. Well, I'm stumped.
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Kytenji at 4:09PM, March 9, 2006
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if your page reloads but it appears that your avatar has not changed do not fret! try refreshing the page or exiting your browser then entering back into the drunkduck my controls area and you should see that your new avatar was loaded on to the server just fine! If that does not work your avatar may exceed the 100x100 size limits if thats the case try resizing the image on your own or get a new avatar.
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