character inspiration?
The mediocre one at 7:54AM, Dec. 31, 2006
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Thought I'd see where everyone got the idea for their characters, it should be interesting.
Mine: at the beggining of the school year I was insane, just doing all this weird stuff and I was going to make comics about some of the stuff I do, but then that fell through because of lazyness and unfunny. But I created the enigma of Duck Dude.
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Glarg at 8:54AM, Dec. 31, 2006
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Hedres how i got my inspiration for Marty.

Me + Beer = Drunk

Drunk + Me = LOLZ WTF?!?

Ideas + Beer = Thinking

Beer = Liquir

And who likes Liquir? HOBOS! and who always hangs around Liquir store alleyways? HOBOS! AND WHO ELSE WOULD BE FUNNY AS HELL WITH NINJA STYLE TEETH MOVES? HOBO'S!

Then I had to think up of powers, somthing not godlike. Who always hangs around with hobos? Flys! what are flys before they're adults? Maggots! So then why not add on to his Crazyness and give his rambling mind the power to communicate with Flys/Maggots? But it wont stop there, for reasons unknown he can controll them! (he feeds them every night so they're like dogs waiting to attack…..millions and millions of acid spitting dogs.

Finally somthing was wrong with my character. He was bald and needed a hat!

Hobo in alley = city
city + people = Pimps
Pimps + clothes= Hat

Therefore i gave him a hat!
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strong414bad at 8:56AM, Dec. 31, 2006
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BFH was sort of a mixture of Jackie Chan Adventures and Power Rangers with a good dose of superheroic cheesyness.
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AQua_ng at 9:11AM, Dec. 31, 2006
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Sleight came from an idea from a superhero I came up called Tariq Jones, who was able to transfer his pain and wounds to others. I even pitched that idea for a villain for Glarg's ‘The Leech’. I never heard an answer for him :(. Since then I was waiting for an chance to show him off.

Until this year. For an English assignment, we had to do a story. I couldn't think of one. Except for Tariq's back story. So I tweaked some things, changed it from superhero to cult follower, and BAM! Salim Jones.

I got 93% for that story :).

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Atom Apple at 10:19AM, Dec. 31, 2006
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Zach is based off of me. My name is also Zach. Hello.
i will also like to know you the more
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hat at 11:00AM, Dec. 31, 2006
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Hip-hop is popular where I live.
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WingNut at 11:04AM, Dec. 31, 2006
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Zak is based off of the other guy I make the comics with.

Trust me, he's just as crazy in real life.
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PinkDiapers at 3:06PM, Dec. 31, 2006
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Razz is one of the main characters from my comic Changing Worlds. I was playing with the character generator on some wrestling game (I usually play with the character maker thing more then the actual game). I came up with a basic version of Razz and Kae Kae my other character. I kept them lurking around my head for many years until late into my high school years. I disliked high school very much, particularly how everyone was forced into a clique of some kind. I wanted a way for that “identity by scene” thing to get washed away. I figured throwing a breakfast club like group into a child like world would be the best way to strip down all the pretentious teen crap and get right down the heart of the characters as people.

Each character is a little piece of me. Razz represents the angry, confident, destructive, uninhibited side of me. I probably have the most fun writing her.

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LIZARD_B1TE at 3:12PM, Dec. 31, 2006
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God only knows how I created What's-His-Face. Er… Jim.
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Rebel_Sikes at 3:52PM, Dec. 31, 2006
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Hamlet came about the beginning of 2006, in I think March or so. I love Shakespearean plays and all throughout English in High School we've been reading Shakespeare's play, and finally in my Senior year we read Hamlet. I was dying to read Hamlet ever since the 9th grade so I was ecstatic to finally read it. So all throughout reading Hamlet, I started doodling and modifying the characters. Getrude became a dimwit blonde, Claudius became a dark magic wielding asshole, King Hamlet became a whining emo, and Hamlet lost all emoness and became colder, much more sadistic and manipulative, and of course, more crazy. I changed the Hamlet world just for fun and because it was amusing to me. I'm undecided though on whether or not I should make a comic/doujin out of them, maybe, maybe not. ^^
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draxenn at 1:34AM, Jan. 1, 2007
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You don't *really* want to know the thought process that lead to the creation of garazoul as it might…frighten you all.
Sufficent to say though, I was thinking of demons and of powers and thought it amusing if a demon could not use his full power due to having no hands.
Thus Garazoul was born. Pug, the puppy, came as a natural evolution of the comic.
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Tantz Aerine at 3:17PM, Jan. 1, 2007
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Zoe's one of the main characters of Wolf. Basic motive to create her (and all of the comic)? I wanted to draw a scythe. But a scythe is a clumsy weapon many times if you don't use it in a certain way, so i wanted Zoe (being intelligent as she is) to have chosen it for a reason- reason being to control lycanthropy infected chaps by pressure against their air pipes- which is a wolf weak point in my story.

Then stuff from Kenshin and Tintin and other comics all blended up together and voila! Zoe and her friend/soulmate David ;)
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