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Cheap programs for Cheap Bastards (like me!!)
PhatScurl at 3:28PM, Feb. 18, 2007
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Yea, im a bit of a computer nerd, so im constantly looking for some great freeware or some really cheap programs. Recently i found GIMP on PCWORLD. Now, im getting a feeling right after i post this im gonna get this…
“I used to have GIMP, but now i have Photoshop which is so much better.”

But for a 16 year old artist, without a job, & who considers having 15 bucks in their wallet a triumph, GIMP is awesome. I've really been wanting to practice with computer artwork and GIMP finally let's me do that. No matter how great Photoshop is, i can pull myself to spend $600 on the program, and i have a morale code (some of you are going, "what's that?"), that won't let me download it illegally. So GIMP is great.

Anyway, i was curious about some of your favorite free/cheap programs, especially those concerning art.
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mechanical_lullaby at 3:30PM, Feb. 18, 2007
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GIMP is god.

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Akumyo at 3:55PM, Feb. 18, 2007
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My absolute favorite cheap ass art program is Open Canvas.

The 1.1 version is free, and isn't that difficult to find.

More recent, professional versions only run for about 75 dollars for the plus edition. It's like a mix between Painter and Photoshop, and it's ideal for drawing digitally. It isn't great for photo manips, and I would NOT recommend it for sprite comics, but that's not what its built for anyway.
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Eunice P at 12:06AM, Feb. 19, 2007
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Pixia is a free coloring program as well. Vector program like inkscape is also free.
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LIZARD_B1TE at 8:45AM, Feb. 19, 2007
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I use MS Paint and GIMPshop. This, along with the fact that my scanner was a B-Day gift, means that I haven't paid any money for my comics at all!

I am so kickass.
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frankkerr at 10:41AM, Feb. 21, 2007
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You could always be evil and steal some by geting downloads with serial codes

My Blog.
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gigatwo at 10:57AM, Feb. 22, 2007
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Everyone already knows my opinion on the GIMP.
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Aurora Moon at 12:05PM, Feb. 22, 2007
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could try it's like ms paint on steriods… it's almost like photoshop and plus it's freeware.

I use it for my pixel doll bases.
I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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ShadowsMyst at 3:13PM, Feb. 23, 2007
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I've been playing with ArtRage. The basic version is free. Reminds me somewhat of painter. Gives a real ‘traditional media’ feel to drawings. It does layers now, so you can scan stuff in and line/trace/paint over it now. Its amusing at any rate.

I have a webcomic making blog! Check it out.
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