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Check-up question.
Anonymous at 12:36PM, Aug. 13, 2006
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Drunkduck was down most of the day for me, which gave me the chance to make some more comics then usual.
But since I don't want to rush the story of my comics I uploaded them all with a diffirent Live date.

Now, last time I did this I wasn't able to see the comics that were planned for other days, but now I can see the comics without the description I placed with them.

My question is relativly simple:
Could someone take a look at my comic "Bowser wars“ and tell me if there are any pages behind ”Beauty and Brains?"

If so I'll have to delete them as soon as possible to make sure the story isn't spoiled yet.

Thanks in advance.
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Volte6 at 1:15PM, Aug. 13, 2006
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I had to update some code… unfortunately the server move had a few minor side effects… you will need to remove/reupload to keep them secret.

It's all gonna be worth it though! Wait till you see what's coming up! Good stuff!
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Anonymous at 1:23PM, Aug. 13, 2006
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Wow I didn't expect the big boss to answer himself…alright, now I'll delete the comics and wait for the next day.

Thanks a lot.
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