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Chemtrails or Contrails?
kyupol at 5:27PM, June 19, 2008
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You be the judge.

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lothar at 5:28AM, June 20, 2008
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why do something so visible when they already have aspertame and floride out there ?
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bravo1102 at 6:24AM, June 20, 2008
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Wonder why they didn't bother to interview an aeronautical engineer or a guy who designs jet engines.

Since the 1980s jet engines burn the fuel differently and the fuel itself is different (a little, just like all those seasonal gasoline cocktails) So they form more contrails because of how the fuel is burned. Can that lead to chemical residue and heightened levels of certain chemicals? Probably. Living in NJ all the planes for Newark, JFK and Phila. fly over my house. I see the trails all the time. But unless the airlines are the ones spraying or is the US gov't leasing every single commercial airliner in the USA to spray? It's a fuel additve and a change in how jet engines burn.

I am around certain chemicals all the time because of my hobbies and my levels are off when I'm tested. (Toulene and acetone among others. You work in a chemical plant? No, I build models. Okay)
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