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Chia Obama
SarahN at 11:35PM, Oct. 16, 2009
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I…I just saw this commercial on tv and….I can't even find the right words. huh!?

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BffSatan at 11:39PM, Oct. 16, 2009
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That does not look a thing like Obama.
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Larry at 11:58PM, Oct. 16, 2009
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I want a chia of my own head who do I need to talk to so this happens.
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Gillespie at 7:53AM, Oct. 17, 2009
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Now all I can see is Obama with green hair. And clown make-up…………..lol
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crocty at 9:22AM, Oct. 17, 2009
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Wow. At first I was just shocked…
Then I begun laughing, but seeing as though I'm ill I just ended up coughing. But it was a happy coughing fit.
Oh, how do I edit this again?
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Wark_Ento at 5:38PM, Oct. 17, 2009
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It only looks like Obama when the vegetation isn't grown out. The end result looks like Obama with clown hair O__o
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lastcall at 4:26PM, Oct. 18, 2009
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Does that chia pet come with a hair pick? You know, to stick in the chia afro? ;)
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Product Placement at 7:32AM, Oct. 19, 2009
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I always wanted to picture Obama with green afro.

Now I know.
Those were my two cents.
If you have any other questions, please deposit a quarter.
This space for rent.
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Hawk at 3:39PM, Oct. 19, 2009
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I saw this in a store two days ago! My friend wondered if Obama ever sees a penny of such a product's profits. I kind of imagine that once you're the president of the USA, you're fair game, because America owns you.

Althought, to be fair, when you look on the back of the box you'll see they've made Washington and Lincoln Chia Pets… thought I didn't see any of those at the store, but there was a whole display case full of the Obama Chia Pets.
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Soryko at 6:57PM, Oct. 20, 2009
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I just….don't understand. XD Whyyyy?
I guess this is exciting for people who collect Obama things…O3o
Remember that you are unique! Just like everyone else! ^w^
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romschomp at 8:13PM, April 12, 2010
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same at 12:50PM, April 14, 2010
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What is this? I dont even…
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