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Childhood fears
confusedsoul at 2:05AM, June 5, 2009
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Truth be told… I think my greatest childhood fear was of bitingf into what I thought was a marmite and cheese sandwich… only tyo discover it was really vegemite

Not VEGEMITE?! You poor child!
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HyenaHell at 4:23AM, June 5, 2009
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Big waves.

But if you get caught it's like a washing machine. You get pushed to the bottom into the sand and rocks and twisted about with no air to breathe.

But… that's the fun part! It's not a good day at the beach unless you're all lacerated and bloody when you get out the ocean!

Only scary part to me is the rip tide, but I've always been a fairly strong swimmer, so usually I can stay calm. It's just that looooong diagonal swim back to shore, all the while thinking, “COuld've frickin' died; might still die; there's totally not a lifeguard in site. I'm an idiot. I'm gonna have to walk like, a mile down the damn beach to get back to my cigarettes, towel, and beer. Crap.” lol!
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