Networking & Community Projects LOGO CONTEST! (Possible $$$ & ad space!)
WadeTheFade at 7:32PM, July 1, 2008
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I would like to stick with something to do with comics and a whimsical font but am open to anything that is given to me.

Anything posted/upload will not receive feedback from me till the end of the contest. If any of the requirements are not met I reserve the right to disqualify the entry.


1. If a special font is used please include it in the upload.
2. Dimensions at the MOST 255x100… at the least 180x90
3. Please include an EPS or PSD of the entry
4. I have a PC, please ensure maximum compatibility

1. PLEASE ONE POST PER USER. If you need to make an edit to your your entry, please edit your post - you have until I end the contest. (TBD)
2. ONE ENTRY PER USER - Please pick your best.
3. All the files used can be zipped and uploaded here. However, we readers of the forum would like to preview it without downloading so please embed a gif/jpg version with your post.

I will personally create a wallpaper background for as an advertisement and run it for a lengthy period of time depending on the number of entries. I will also consider running a permanent ad in a prominent position in the forums - most likely the header. Also, everyone will know it was you who created it. I'll make sure of it.

Depending on the # of entries I will be throwing in a monetary reward as well… $$$

Please post entries on forums, I won't be checking here for entries.

Good Luck!
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