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Colorist Wanted. Are You a Bad Enough Dude?
Hapoppo at 7:02AM, Jan. 22, 2009
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Hey guys, I'm still looking for a colorist for my webcomic, Punk-Pink!, so I can take my time and focus more on my lineart. I've decided to put up a few images here if anyone would like to go ahead and color them to provide examples of how you'd make it look. Remember, I'm going for an “anime” style similar (But not necessarily identical) to the one I'm using now, but if you'd like to try for a different look you think would suit it better, feel free to try your hand at that, too.

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Jamesabels at 8:13PM, Jan. 24, 2009
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I'm currently seeking out a colorist for my webcomic, Punk-Pink!. The reason for this decision is, while lineart has been a snap for me, it seems like every time I'm on the computer all of my willpower is just sponged dry. If you're interested, I'm looking for the following:

- The characters in the comic bear a simplistic, “cel”-style shading, but are mixed in with more realistic, “painting”-style shading on the backgrounds; other styles, such as watercolor, are welcome, so long as characters are displayed distinctly from the backgrounds.
- Photoshop experience is a must, as all of my files are done in this format and I'd prefer to keep the lines preserved in layers. Mind you, it doesn't have to be “three years experience yadda yadda”, so don't feel intimidated if you feel you're not some kinda seasoned pro.
- Expedience is a plus. I'd like to eventually work my way back up to three comics a week. However, I also prefer that you place quality over quantity, so don't feel like you need to rush. However, I would like to see at least one comic a week.
- As anyone who reads my comic knows, I'm currently in the process of making a pretty big exclusive print-only portion of a print version of my comic. Since this will come at the expense of extra pages, it probably won't put any extra weight on our shoulders, though.
- Punk-Pink currently doesn't make any money, but when it does I'm willing to split the profits 60/40 (The extra 10% on my behalf is due to the fact that I'm pulling double-duty as a writer.) We will discuss other, “special” situations.
- If you have AIM or YIM handy, my name on both is Hapoppo. These messengers will be necessary for us to be in constant contact.

So, if you're interested, just reply to this post, PQ me, or IM me on one of the IM services (Preferably AIM). Be sure to have some samples of your work ready. Looking forward to seeing what you guys can do!

added you to AIM, though you don't seem to be on, though I will contact you when you are, Looking to build an online portfolio so this could be a good starting point, I have 2ish years experience and love what I do, I'm trying to make this and writing a career, so I have mucho free time and no money! haha
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Hapoppo at 8:23AM, April 16, 2009
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I'd hate to bump my own post, but I'm still looking for a colorist, and I've changed around my post to include samples to be colored and the like.
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shipain at 12:30PM, April 16, 2009
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is look cool. I am definitely interested message me

By shipain
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