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Colour Pallets
SomaX at 1:44PM, Dec. 26, 2007
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(Hope this is in the right place) So what's the general oppinion on colour pallets? Personally, I don't use them. Instead, I just pick a shade of the colour I want. I suppose it makes sense to use a speciffic colour each time, but I'm either too lazy or for some reason think it makes me more artistic. Who knows? In any case, does anyone else have thoughts on colour pallets?
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angry_black_guy at 9:35PM, Dec. 26, 2007
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Good artists limit themselves to a palette because it gives them a foundation to build upon. The digital world brought along MILLIONS of colors, but a lot of webcomics are poorly colored and look like kaleidoscope designs.

My best advice is to lay down a base color and build off of it. If you have an unsaturated palette or dark colors, then lay down a dark, base color like Brown or Ocean Blue and base the scene off of that. Not only will your color work look more attractive, but it saves you time selecting colors you wouldn't normally need.

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korosu at 11:54PM, Dec. 27, 2007
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Me being my unprofessional self, I don't use color palettes, but I do have a pretty clear idea of what colors look good together and which ones don't. If you've been an artist long enough and know how the color wheel works, then you should be able to come up with a workable color scheme without having to use a palette. But that's just me.
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