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Comic book artist wanted
princesslucinda at 11:17AM, Nov. 22, 2006
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First time writer/publisher
Looking for a comic book artist for Published comic Gig.
Must have smooth pencil and ink style, be able to draw teens and pre-teens.
No Anime Style.

Due to NDA reasons I cannot discuss the project nmore than I have in an open forum.
So please excuse my terse description :)

Please contact me at

Thank you

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Mimarin at 11:19AM, Nov. 22, 2006
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yep, that's totally going to get replies, really, this has to be the least discript request I have read anywhere.
Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why.

Also, tell random people they are awsome! it helps!
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Inkmonkey at 8:54AM, Nov. 23, 2006
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You need to give some indication of what someone would be working with here. Are you willing to pay for their work? Are you looking for a “laborer” or a “partner” (meaning, do they get any creative input, or do they just have to draw the pretty pictures?). And trust me, nobody's going to bother with just the knowledge that the story will involve “teens or preteens”. What's the setting? There are some people who love to do steampunk, or fantasy, or modern day stories; giving that minimum of information is going to stimulate responses much more easily.

And on another note; how does a writer know you're someone working for. Even with your NDA, you really should post some samples of your writing (even if it's not for this project) so a potential employee/associate will know what they're getting into. For all they know you write violent porn, which a lot of people will want nothing to do with.
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skoolmunkee at 12:10AM, Nov. 24, 2006
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Inkmonkey, that is a valiant and considerate reply, but I seriously doubt this person is going to come back to the forum.

It's obvious to me that she only signed up to post her spam and expects anyone who is interested to email her (so she doesn't have to come back and check all the places she's posted this).

That, and its totally undescriptive nature, and the fact that she hasn't even checked any other ‘I need an artist’ threads in this forum (some of which are in all caps and pretty prominent)… well, I'm going to lock this.

If someone's really interested in it, they know how to contact her, but I don't want to encourage these kinds of threads.
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