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comic mail art project!
theorah at 3:06PM, Feb. 10, 2009
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Hello! Do any of you enjoy sending/receiving stuff in the post? I think it would be really fun to start an Art Mail project involving a comic! Any body want to take part?

What to do!

Basically, I will start by making a one page comic based on a theme.

I will send off the one pager to an artist. Like an art trade, this artist will then send me their one pager comic! (which I will scan in and put on here!)

When they send off their one pager to me, they will then send off my one pager to the next artist. This artist will in turn, after receiving the comic, make their own and send it back to the last artist.

Easy! By doing this you and everyone else who takes part will receive something interesting in the post from someone else, and get to do something fun and easy too ^_^


All I ask from this project, if you take part, is that you scan in the comic you receive from the next artist and post it up here so we can have a collection of what everyone has done. Also, it would be cool if you draw the comic on one side of a page, and write your address etc. on the other side (so that we have a collection of images full of a variety of handwritings/stamps, that would be cool!)

So, if you want to take part, please just reply to this thread (to keep it alive) and then pm me your address. I will then give you my addy and the addy of the artist you will be sending a comic onto.

Thank you! ^_^
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